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Synonyms for dizziness

a sensation of whirling or falling

Synonyms for dizziness

a reeling sensation

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Andrew Clements, of Leicester Balance Centre, says: "Whether dizziness is a one-off or a longer-lasting problem, nearly everyone improves or at least is able to manage their symptoms with the right treatment.
Andrew Clements, of Leicester Balance Centre, said: "Whether dizziness is a one-off or a longer-lasting problem, nearly everyone improves or at least is able to manage their symptoms with treatment.
Most of us have experienced that momentary dizziness from time to time - but researchers at Harvard have warned that those who regularly experience more severe dizziness, at least three minutes after standing up (known as 'delayed orthostatic hypotension'), may have a higher risk of early death and developing degenerative brain diseases.
1 CET POINT Symptoms of dizziness and/or vertigo are extremely common in the general population, affecting balance and quality of life.
Dizziness is common among older people, but little is known about its prevalence and risk factors in the sub-Saharan population.
Symptoms of NOH include dizziness, lightheadedness, blurred vision, fatigue and fainting when a person stands.
Washington, March 6 ( ANI ): A bedside electronic device that measures eye movements can successfully determine whether the cause of severe, continuous, disabling dizziness is a stroke or something benign, according Johns Hopkins Medicine researchers.
Dizziness is a term that encompasses four subtypes.
Summary: There are a multitude of causes of dizziness that may have nothing to do with the balance organ in the inner ear.
Anyone feeling a brief loss of consciousness (fainting) or dimmed vision and an unco-ordinated, confused or lightheaded feeling should immediately consult their physician as they could be showing symptoms of a vestibular disorder called dizziness.
The new West Virginia University Balance Center is treating people living with dizziness and balance problems.
7 year old company specializing in Treating Patients with Balance & Dizziness Problems.
INSIDE & OUT with ear, nose and throat consultant David Snow from Spire Healthcare DIZZINESS is a common problem.
Researchers in mental health and neurological sciences then discuss such aspects as dizziness at the interface of psychiatry and neuro-otology, neurological causes of dizziness and vertigo, a modified vestibular rehabilitation program, benign paroxysmal positional vertigo in old age, arrhythmogenic causes of dizziness, cognitive deficits following complete bilateral loss of vestibular function and their relationship to the hippocampus, vibratory induced nystagmus in superior semicircular canal dehiscence and in otosclerosis, and pediatric vertigo.
29 /PRNewswire/ -- There is new hope for vertigo and dizziness patients.