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Synonyms for dizzily

in a giddy light-headed manner

References in classic literature ?
Pain and misery turned in John's limbs to a harrowing impatience and blind desire of change; now he would roll in his harsh lair, and when the flints abraded him, was almost pleased; now he would crawl to the edge of the huge pit and look dizzily down.
Now a corridor turned gradually and almost imperceptibly in a new direction, again one doubled back upon and crossed itself; here the floor rose gradually to the level of another story, or again there might be a spiral stairway down which the mad prince rushed dizzily with his burden.
Two or three, including the owner, sprawled in the cockpit, shuddering when the yacht lifted and raced and sank dizzily into the trough, and between-whiles regarding the shore with yearning eyes.
The gray horse was just staggering dizzily to his feet, but his mailed rider lay quiet and still where he had fallen.
He stared dizzily in all directions, but none looked at him save a Hindu urchin in a dirty turban and Isabella-coloured clothes.
As always, the theories, some of them conspiracy theories, swirl dizzily.
But after more vigorous stroking he woke, dizzily blinking.
I can almost believe that there is nothing connecting me to the earth, but the threat of falling stops me always as I sink down dizzily and press my palms to the red panels.
He believed in an infinite series of times, in a dizzily growing, ever spreading network of diverging, converging and parallel times.
They will be whirling dizzily round in circles too, although history suggest collisions will probably not be avoided.
Ironically, his collapse is controlled--sometimes noticeably so--and he zigzags around dizzily, doing little dances and battling to regain composure.
ends of spears--and the sun Dizzily pushes the shadows around.
are stained by the green grass as they dizzily frolic, joyfully offering