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Synonyms for dizzily

in a giddy light-headed manner

References in classic literature ?
Two or three, including the owner, sprawled in the cockpit, shuddering when the yacht lifted and raced and sank dizzily into the trough, and between-whiles regarding the shore with yearning eyes.
Beauty Smith tightened the thong again, and White Fang crawled limply and dizzily to his feet.
In the garden below were lilac-trees purple with flowers, and their dizzily sweet fragrance drifted up to the window on the morning wind.
Once it came to a little precipice and flung itself over undauntedly in an indignation of foam, gathering itself up rather dizzily among the mossy stones below.
He regained his balance by the steerage companion-way and stood there dizzily for a space, when he suddenly crumpled up and collapsed, his legs bending under him as he sank to the deck.
are stained by the green grass as they dizzily frolic, joyfully offering
Other times, as on the dizzily deconstructed "Idiot Mantra," the lyrics unravel into phonetic gibberish, the point being that there is no point.
When he had them in his hands and stood dizzily to return them to the ledge at the end of his bed, where he kept his spare shirt and his spoon, Stefan was gone.
Another must-do in German markets is to browse round those candle-driven carved wooden carousels, angels rotating dizzily above the manger, and little wooden men in whose entrails you stick an incense cone so they smoke through their mouths.
His customers knew him and waited in line, Till he caught their eye and this was a sign, He would serve them up in a lively way, Then they went away quite dizzily would say.
Meikleour Beech Hedge is claimed as the world's tallest hedge and rises dizzily to 120ft, while stretching 600ft along the A93 Perth to Blairgowrie road.
Such evocations may include miracles that rely on "gimmicky" optical effects or on the sort of relatively crude materializations of the sacred that one associates with "smoke and mirrors" or with dizzily repeating zoom-ins of a camera on a deity's statue, for the sake of authenticating that deity's spiritual presence.
She stepped into the cab, leaned dizzily forward, towards the silhouetted driver and said: "Childwall Valley Road, just by the Belle Vale shopping centre".