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Synonyms for dizygous

derived from two separately fertilized eggs


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1992) were bred from dizygous MMTV-Neu males and FVB/N (wild-type) females (Jackson Laboratory, Bar Harbor, ME, USA).
Concordance rates for T1D in monozygous twins with long-term follow-up is >50%, compared to 6%-10% in dizygous twins, which is similar to what is found in nontwin siblings.
A 48-year-old woman has given birth to dizygous monochorionic twins, forcing doctors to discount a long-held belief.
One study of 57 monozygous and 49 dizygous twin pairs reared apart and 90 nontwin siblings showed that impulsivity as assessed by a personality questionnaire was significantly correlated in the monozygous twins but not in the others.