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derived from two separately fertilized eggs


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First, the sample comprises monozygotic (MZ) and dizygotic (DZ) twins, exclusively (n - 596 matched twin pairs).
Genetic analysis thus demonstrated that the embryos were dizygotic twins, although the origins (i.
The importance of the environment in the development of ASD was recently implicated in a comparison of concordance rates between monozygotic and dizygotic twins that found that the shared environment accounted for 58% (95% CI: 30, 80%) of the broader autism phenotype (Hallmayer et al.
Participants included 30 mothers with monozygotic (MZ; n=8) and dizygotic (DZ; n=22) twin pairs.
Dizygotic twins are no more alike genetically than regular siblings, on average sharing 50 percent of their genes.
4) The genetic clues indicating RA were demonstrated in twin studies which show higher concordance rate for monozygotic twins (15%) than dizygotic twins (4%) with higher prevalence in first degree relatives (4.
Our study provides evidence that the rate of concordance in dizygotic twins may have been seriously underestimated in previous studies, and the influence of genetic factors on the susceptibility to develop autism overestimated.
The heritability of the endotoxin induced IL-10 production has been estimated to be 74% in studies on monozygotic or dizygotic twins and nonrelated individuals (14).
There is a strong genetic tendency, 75 per cent of monozygotic twins are concordant for the disease, compared to 10 per cent of dizygotic twins; 10 per cent of first degree family relatives of an index patient have celiac disease8.
Thus, although twin study data support a significant role for genetics in the etiology of sexual orientation (concordance rates for dizygotic twins--who share 50% of their genes on average--were 22% for men and 16% for women), they also clearly indicate that factors other than genes are at play.
In monozygotic twins, only one placenta is present; consequently, the risk of death of one twin is higher than in dizygotic twins, where two placentas are present.
1-3) Suggestions of a genetic association include studies that have revealed that the concordance of clubfoot is about 33% for monozygotic twins versus only 3% for dizygotic twins.
There is a higher rate of dependence among monozygotic than dizygotic twins.
With time it became clear that this second sculpture court was in fact laid out as a mirror image of the first; each sculpture in the first room had a dizygotic twin in the second that had been placed in a bilaterally symmetrical relation to the implied seam bisecting the gallery.
a sample of 178 pairs of monozygotic and dizygotic same sex twins were observed in the laboratory at fourteen, twenty, and twenty-four months.