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I am not convinced that this is a good idea as the church could disintegrate into non-geographic dioceses divvied up by issues: Book of Alternative Services/Book of Common Prayer, new/old hymn books, matrimonial commission/no matrimonial commission, but the question needs to be asked as a logical extension of the proposed system.
Now the amount to be divvied up could hit pounds 2 million if McCarthy's players do the business in crunch games coming up against Yugoslavia, Croatia and Malta.
This fragmentation is driven by death, taxes, and lifestyles as land is divvied up among heirs or subdivided to pay estate taxes.
These funds are divvied up among millionaire owners and millionaire players, and then tucked away in diversified portfolios comprising shares in Chilean ostrich farms, Czech Howitzer factories, and Wyoming ski resorts.
com's bracket page, Papa John's is offering 1,000,000 large Papa's Perfect Pan pepperoni pizzas for a "perfect bracket," a prize that will be divvied up evenly among all eligible fans who enter their bracket picks at the SportingNews.
The new ownership is divvied between SLLF Investments LLC, led by Jason LaFrance, 42.
The City board are still hoping the FAI will revert to the old system whereby gate receipts and TV revenue is divvied up between the Association and the two finalists.
Despite conducting a number of renovations, the building's owners were never able to transform the property into anything more than a class B office property whose floors were divvied up into an ungainly amount of small spaces.
It was there that Kari Scaletta and Eric Morris recently divvied up mountains of produce and meat according to specially formulated menus.
Taxonomists devised additional science-based groups, whereas the others divvied up trees largely on the basis of job-related interests, such as desirable trees for planting along city streets, a landscapers' category.
Additionally, we've divvied up responsibilities among the officers and restructured the Executive Committee.
Bailey Properties is best known these days for owning 20 apartment projects divvied among Arkansas, nine; Texas, seven; and Shreveport, four.
The brewers used code names for secret meetings where they divvied up the Dutch market.
The other 4,000 were divvied up between the library and classrooms.