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the act of disclosing something that was secret or private

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As such, the line between the right to privacy and mandatory divulgence of personal information must be clearly drawn.
Islamabad -- Press Council of Pakistan has said that the inquiry committee constituted for probe of news gate scandal should not proceed against the Newspaper or its staff and also not insist upon divulgence of its source of information during the course of investigation.
The Council unanimously resolved that this committee should not proceed against the Newspaper or its staff, and also not insist upon divulgence of its source of information in the conduct of its probe.
unencrypted Wi-Fi traffic from unauthorized interception and divulgence.
Both careful divulgence, and that gently persuasive tone, are there in Great Masters and Unicorns (2015), Konrad Bernheimer's engaging account of his family's historical involvement in the art and antiques trade, and of his own career as one of the most widely respected picture dealers of his generation.
103-46, at 2 (1993) (characterizing NSL provision as "limited exception" to rule prohibiting divulgence of customer records).
The divulgence of details will not be in the interest of national security.
Henares strongly reminded all BIR officials and employees that unauthorized disclosure or divulgence of official or confidential information is criminally and administratively punishable by law and existing revenue issuances.
The financial losses associated with the loss of a single trade secret or divulgence of the company's market strategy could eclipse the cost savings associated with such an approach.
Standing should similarly be clear when Congress has called for divulgence of information not by subpoena but by statutory directive, and has authorized members of Congress to bring suit to enforce the statute.
Regulatory constraints prohibit divulgence of sensitive data, especially that of customers.
He further said that KAA is working hard to see that new laws are enacted in favor of attracting foreign investors to the Kuwaiti marketplace, such as a law on divulgence of public information to anyone and another on prevention of conflicts of interest.
encouraging the divulgence of innovative practices at the proposal or development stage in Health Care Services to enrich debate in the field" (6).
Framed as an intimate conversation between two best friends, Minny's casual divulgence of Cocoa's spoilt "cootchie" is spoken far beyond the reaches of the white gaze.