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the act of disclosing something that was secret or private

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What was reduced to a sideshow amid this dramatic turn of events was the divulgence of the Grand Old Party's own choices for President.
Conference attendees at this London event will be well entertained from this presentation along with given considerable information to ponder relative to the divulgence of key principles used by CI Investments SFO.
From these almost axiomatic considerations springs the need, and in turn the requirement, of a reasonable divulgence by physician to patient to make such a decision possible.
The induced experience is akin to a short walk through an array of feelings about Cairo, written mostly in French and English, from social commentary to personal divulgence.
And, unlike professional interventions, people can attend MHGs as intensively and for as long as they desire, without insurance approval or divulgence of personally identifying information.
and] a guileless and captivating divulgence of a child's inner life".
Doe as an example of scoping anonymity in cases of compelled disclosure of identity, Xenophon and the city without walls, links and normative implications of anonymity and privacy, an anthropological approach to anonymity in 12-step programs, privacy as commodity and divulgence as diversion, privacy and psychology, information revelation and privacy in online social networks, and surveillance technologies and reasonable expectations of privacy in Canadian judicial reasoning.
Violation of the seal of confession and any malicious divulgence of the contents of a confession is dealt with in a separate section of Canon Law.
Apostolides' Nicosia-based lawyer Constantis Candounas remained tight lipped yesterday, insisting he was sworn to secrecy by a British Appeals Court judge, and that divulgence of the result before next Tuesday's scheduled publication could place him in contempt of court.
section] 2702(b)(8); see also Joyce & Bigart, supra note 30, at 1491 (detailing varying consent requirements for lawful divulgence of cell phone data).
On the one hand, it can be difficult to counter problems of potential divulgence of technology, but, on the other, a presence in China allows firms to monitor the market, lobby local authorities and pursue ownership rights in court.
Her seemingly contradictory mix of precision and instinct can translate as a frustrating conflation of the elliptical and the explicit (sometimes turning divulgence into portentousness).
Divulgence of any such report which may jeopardise or endanger the lives should be avoided at all costs, he added.
A Cardiff council spokesman confirmed that a senior officer had been suspended on full pay as from Friday, April 24 "in relation to the divulgence of confidential information".