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Synonyms for divulgement

the act of disclosing something that was secret or private

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Moreover, the court order must find either the decedent's will or an ISP product setting detailing how to treat account contents postmortem to demonstrate that the decedent expressly consented to the ISP's divulgement of stored communication.
See PEAC, supra note 98, [section] 3(a) (articulating specific ways decedent can express intent while living to prohibit divulgement when deceased).
Logically, Barcelo makes use of three primary sources: technoscience itself; attempts to explain concepts to the community at large which I will call texts of divulgement (following the author's use of the Spanish term divulgacion); and, of course, SF writers--many of them trained scientists.
Nobody thinks to argue a biochemist's explanation of the primordial soup or a physicist's of gravitational force, but equally factual or explanatory statements about the size of the average Federal income tax, the number of workers laid off in recent months, or the effect of a change in Federal Reserve policy will be greeted with frank disbelief or a condescending divulgement of TRUTH.
The employee's contract contained no divulgement restrictions, except a provision that statistical compilations and analyses were the property of the Government.