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(golf) the cavity left when a piece of turf is cut from the ground by the club head in making a stroke

a piece of turf dug out of a lawn or fairway (by an animals hooves or a golf club)

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There's a lot of repeat business as divot repair is often last on the list of priorities for busy green keepers, who therefore find it difficult to keep up with the increasing number of divots and the demand for ever improving playing conditions.
I like to think of the divot as a finger print for the golf shot.
Beginning in the April/May issue of Jack And Jill, Divot will be back to teach more golf skills.
Clarke, inset, smashed a six iron out of the divot from as far back in his stance as he could go, got the ball to within 20 feet of the pin - and he dropped the putt for birdie, with another to follow on 17.
If your divot points left of your intended target it is a sign you are swinging from outside to in which can produce either a fade/slice or a pull shot.
Dryden's LIFT team designed, fabricated, and ground-tested four different divot ejection systems, completing 70 ground tests to determine and refine the best approach.
Golfers, you can practice your new skills with Divot at Golf Camp.
Remember it is important you take a divot with your iron shots as it's the only way you'll ever apply any compression to the ball.
It also includes a built-in switchblade-action divot fixer fork, which makes it a convenient 2-in-1 tool for every golfer's on-the-green needs.
The 20-year-old Spaniard slammed his club into the turf in anger after finding his ball on the ninth fairway in a deep divot.
Struver's drive at the 18th landed in a divot and he hit his nine iron into the water hazard to the left of the green.
But that doesn't mean it can't be played by young people; not if Divot has anything to say about it
com for every divot from rock star and pro golfer alike, live from the Las Vegas Country Club.
I HAVE never been able to take a divot with my irons.
What happens to a divot after it is popped off the test fixture will be captured by two high-speed digital cameras, each capable of shooting 2,000 to 10,000 images per second.