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(golf) the cavity left when a piece of turf is cut from the ground by the club head in making a stroke

a piece of turf dug out of a lawn or fairway (by an animals hooves or a golf club)

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There's a lot of repeat business as divot repair is often last on the list of priorities for busy green keepers, who therefore find it difficult to keep up with the increasing number of divots and the demand for ever improving playing conditions.
But if the divot looks deeper in the toe side, your clubs could be too flat for you.
Individual dunes and associated divots concentrate fish, but current dictates where and how catfish position within them.
Roach and his employees spent one year researching and designing a divot tool that uses the aeration method to repair dents caused by balls landing on the green.
Before moving on to swinging at golf balls, Divot says, "It's time to cut the grass.
Maybe the caddy forgot to fill that divot and my ball went deep in it,' he said.
Hopefully when we go to Ibrox this week there will be a couple of divots just outside the box.
They blamed a divot on the pitch, which is a bit harsh on Anton Ferdinand.
It was a perfectly good pass-back from Neville, and it was just very unlucky for Paul Robinson that it hit a divot.
It took a freak 51st-minute goal from skipper Paul Ince to haul his side back into the game, his 20-yard shot beating Nigel Martyn after hitting a divot.
Golfing is perfectly legal these days, but practicing your pitch or your chip in the year 1457 might have landed you and Divot in a Scottish dungeon.
At tonight's game look out for Rob and his divot watchers sitting behind the players' bench waiting to have their half-time prod with the pitchfork.
They also made new friends, went sightseeing, and were treated to a performance by Divot, the golfing clown.
Divot will be appearing at a special event coming to the Fitness Farm in April.
Once you have mastered striking the line or mark, place a ball on top of the line, try to strike the ball and take a divot after the line, this will help create a descending blow to the ball.