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a divorced woman or a woman who is separated from her husband


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Child, (including adult disabled child), divorcee, mother and father benefits
Divorcees tend to buy smaller apartments where they find it much easier adjusting, says Evren Acar from Ankara-based Cef real estate consulting firm.
According to the decision, divorcees with custody of their children will be empowered to have family IDs and passports issued and to register at government institutions, including schools and social security offices, in addition to approving surgical procedures, a local daily said.
Selon elle, [beaucoup moins que] le nouveau code de la famille n'avantage pas la femme divorcee [beaucoup plus grand que].
TUNIS - Rached Ghannouchi, head of Tunisia's powerful Islamist Ennahda party, called on young men on Wednesday to marry divorcees and women over 30.
THE Pope reportedly told a divorcee she can take Holy Communion in what could herald a landmark rule change.
He said men deserting their wives left them in limbo where they were not considered a divorcee nor a wife.
For divorcees, who are keen to start dating, an entire industry has sprung up to help them make the first move from the comfort of their homes.
The study also revealed that for one in seven divorcees, revenge was their main objective - ahead of getting the kids or the house.
She said the suffering of divorcees is aggravated when they return to their families' homes.
Established to address this issue, LifeLine offers divorcees an opportunity to find out whether or not their pension settlement was undervalued at the time of divorce and if it was, LifeLine's experts will build a case on the divorcee's behalf, without involving the former spouse.
Housing Minister Basem Al Hamer said that they were planning to build two apartment buildings in each of Bahrain's five governorates to house widows and divorcees.
Most divorcees were previously housewives who, when they found themselves on their own, needed to work to earn income.
Most divorcees were previously housewives who, when they find themselves on their own, need to work for income.
Almost half (47%) of divorcees quizzed admitted they had regrets about their union within the first 12 months of married life.