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a divorced woman or a woman who is separated from her husband


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The Emirati divorcee claimed to prosecutors that she discovered the false certificate after her ex-husband lodged a lawsuit to win back the custody of their children.
New prime minister Anthony Eden was himself a divorcee, and despite her wedding plans being put on hold for several years, Margaret still hoped to marry Townsend.
THWARTED: Princess Margaret split from divorcee Captain Peter Townsend (above), the man thought to be the love of her life
Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers danced and starred together in The Gay Divorcee.
Now we are informed that the Church of England is about to change the rules on weddings for divorcees.
com/married-first-sight-season-4-couple-divorces-early-timeline-what-went-wrong-2416132) divorcees have rebounded and even remarried after their blind arranged marriages failed.
Refutant l'idee selon laquelle il s'agirait d'une aide fixe a accorder a toute femme divorcee pour encourager le divorce, la ministre a fait savoir que [beaucoup moins que]le montant devant etre accorde par le fonds aux femmes divorcees ayant la garde des enfants mineurs correspond a la pension fixee par le juge lors du jugement de divorce definitif[beaucoup plus grand que].
He said men deserting their wives left them in limbo where they were not considered a divorcee nor a wife.
The piece is being auctioned this week at Bonhams in London, along with a cuff bangle, another present from Edward to the American divorcee.
Much more common is the story of the 30 or 40-something divorcee who gave up her job to bring up children and then gets traded in for a younger model.
The 46-year-old divorcee, from Munich, now works as a tax accountant in Germany
Of the 740 people interviewed by YouGov, 74% did not object to their future king being a divorcee
Despite recent relaxation of its dogma on the sanctity of marriage for life, the Church of England does not want to marry a royal divorcee to another divorcee while her former husband is still on the scene.
Moore, but is instead the modern story of a modern blended family: the first Christmas after the marriage of a divorcee with three children to a widower with a son - with his dead wife's mother and sister visiting.
But the main topic of conversation in 1934 was the Prince of Wales' obsession with the American divorcee Mrs Wallis Simpson.