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a divorced woman or a woman who is separated from her husband


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Child, (including adult disabled child), divorcee, mother and father benefits
Another divorcee, who chose anonymity, said her husband asked her sons -- who used to visit their mother following their separation -- to take a picture of her so that he could use it to blackmail her online.
La pension de la honte [beaucoup moins que] Le montant de la pension alimentaire est une honte [beaucoup plus grand que], dira Nadia, une jeune femme divorcee ayant un enfant a charge.
And it is claimed he went on to tell her: "It is an issue we are discussing in the Vatican, because a divorcee who takes communion is not doing anything wrong.
Musaba Al Katbi, a member from Sharjah, said not every abandoned woman was registered with the ministry, citing their fear of seeking government aid and earning ewer benefits than divorcees.
Another user of the social networking site said that an honest, loyal, independent with a funny personality, and trust worthy divorcee is the most likeable person for a date.
Although the divorcee is wronged, society blames the woman and says she's unfit for marriage.
This is not about dragging up the emotional turmoil of divorce; it is about ensuring divorcees are treated fairly and receive the true pension value to which they are entitled.
Astaire's easy transition to leading man is apparent in The Gay Divorcee, made just one year later.
Programs on Radio Divorcee also feature psychologists who discuss the psychological trauma that can result from divorce, and who provide helpful information on how divorced women can support their children and successfully continue their lives.
Radio Divorcee and "678" provide the film industry with examples of what media can do for real women.
The Coptic leader said the administrative court's decision contradicted a 2008 criminal court ruling which dismissed a case brought against Shenouda by a divorcee angered that he had been prevented from remarrying.
The story follows her reaction to the news that her younger sister, Princess Margaret, plans to marry royal servant Group Captain Peter Townsend, a divorcee 16 years her senior.
That's when I decided to give it a try," said a female divorcee in her early 40s.
The story tells of a sophisticated divorcee who funds her elegant lifestyle by entertaining two married lovers - while desperately trying to ensure they never meet.