divorced man

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a man who is divorced from (or separated from) his wife

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I know this because I've been both the newly divorced man and the uncaring friend of the newly divorced man.
Washington, August 24 ( ANI ): Marriage is 'a lot of work' for some, but the following piece of advice from a divorced man may help many from avoiding that road.
The recently divorced man is alleged to have killed the youngsters - aged five and ten - after he was entrusted with them for the first time since separating from his wife.
Edward renounced his throne for Mrs Simpson, a divorced woman, Princess Margaret could not marry Group Capt Peter Townsend, a divorced man yet Charles and Camilla
Charming and funny, with an infectious laugh, Manrao, a 35-year-old interior designer in Los Angeles, found her niche after realising there was one kind of client she preferred over all others: the divorced man.
A DIVORCED man accused of sexually assaulting a woman was unanimously cleared by a jury at Cardiff Crown Court.
The case was brought by Resurrection Calera, a religious education teacher who was fired from a public school in a southeastern Spanish town in 2001 after she married a divorced man.
Frogmen have been into Manchester Ship Canal looking for the divorced man, last seen wearing a tracksuit.
A DIVORCED man unhappy with a judge's ruling on his case shot dead one of the Austrian court's staff yesterday.
Are the Austrian provisions that grant the divorced man residing and working in Austria the right to family allowances compatible with the regulation?
The divorced man with four children spoke to camera from his bedroom in Jeddah about how couples can spice up their sex lives.
The Late Late Show is keen to a have a studio debate on the matter and is looking for a divorced man with a hard luck story to tell his tale.
in which the court ruled a divorced man could not be compelled to become a parent through the implantation of embryos from prior fertility treatments.
I mean, there is a greeting card for every possible relationship permutation known to society, except from a divorced man to his ex-wife.
A post-mortem examination revealed the 53-year-old, a divorced man, of Memorial Square, Newbiggin, had suffered head and chest injuries.