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of someone whose marriage has been legally dissolved

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But it says plainly: 'Whosoever shall marry her that is divorced.
I was determined to reach London as soon as possible, that we might obtain fresh clothing, meet with cultured people, and learn from the lips of Englishmen the secrets of the two centuries since the East had been divorced from the West.
As to the past, there is no hope of your getting divorced from her.
I don't like you,' I continued, as deliberately and emphatically as I could, to give the greater efficacy to my words; 'and if I were divorced from my husband, or if he were dead, I would not marry you.
Love and Liberty are interpreted by those simple Germans in a way which honest folks in Yorkshire and Somersetshire little understand, and a lady might, in some philosophic and civilized towns, be divorced ever so many times from her respective husbands and keep her character in society.
Not even in my own heart did the reason reside; conscience and I were divorced at last, and the decree made absolute.
The nephew dropped out of the running two years ago when his aunt, old Nutcombe's wife, who had divorced old Nutcombe, left him her money.
Why,' says I, 'if your case is so plain as you say it is, you may be legally divorced, and then you may find honest women enough to ask the question of fairly; the sex is not so scarce that you can want a wife.
Well,' says he, 'you shall promise me to come again, however, and I will not say any more of it till I have gotten the divorce, but I desire you will prepare to be better conditioned when that's done, for you shall be the woman, or I will not be divorced at all; why, I owe it to your unlooked-for kindness, if it were to nothing else, but I have other reasons too.
And for the last two hundred years we have been divorced from all practical life.
Repeat divorces, involving people who had been divorced at least once before, account for an increasing proportion of divorces in Canada, according to new data compiled by Statistics Canada.
To me, one of the advantages of being able to get married is being able to get divorced," says Joyce Kauffman, a family law attorney in Cambridge, Mass.
Sylvester depicted Baskerville as an extremist spokesman for a "small but vocal group" of disgruntled divorced fathers, and went on to laud the Bush administration's pro-marriage programs as a much-needed effort to strengthen families and thus ultimately help the cause of limited government.
That's why everyone who hears Jesus' words at least knows and probably loves someone who is divorced.
Fifteen children of recently separated or divorced parents completed a family systems intervention with their custodial parent for purposes of reducing family conflict and improving classroom behavior.