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a lawyer specializing in actions for divorce or annulment

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MEETING Top divorce lawyer Fiona Shackleton arrives; SQUARE DEAL Portrait is delivered to Madonna's home; SETTLEMENT Madonna
3) ``Liar Liar'' presents Jim Carrey in a fairly normal incarnation as a divorce lawyer, pictured with client Jennifer Tilly.
There is just one Sorrell Trope," said Manhattan divorce lawyer Robert Wallack.
5-million-pound fortune the sportstar has earned as she prepares to meet divorce lawyers, it has emerged.
Jia Mingjun, another divorce lawyer in Shanghai, has reported a similar trend.
Contact: Chicago Divorce Lawyer Dave Wolkowitz The Wolkowitz Law Office PO Box 64444 Chicago, IL 60664 Uncontested Divorce in Illinois www.
According to Rapaport, the protective steps that people need to take to protect themselves in divorce are similar regardless of whether they decide to retain a divorce lawyer.
Vanden Eykel is the current president of the Dallas Bar Association and was named by Town & Country Magazine as one of the Top 10 Divorce Lawyers in America.
While co-hosting 'The Today Show', the 48-year old American actress revealed to celebrity divorce lawyer Laura Wasser that her divorce was "fairly quick, and relatively easy", but the 43-year old American retired professional tennis player had told her to "be happy that we don't have children or I would not have made this easy for you", the Huffington Post reported.
Divorce lawyer Wendy Hopkins says, 'Very many children are badly affected by divorce and I think it's terribly sad, but what can you do?
THE average age of divorce in England and Wales has risen because couples are marrying later in life, according to a city centre-based Birmingham divorce lawyer.
KIM Kardashian's marriage was not a sham, her highprofile divorce lawyer has claimed.
Leading divorce lawyer James Stewart, Of Manches LLP, said christmas was often the final nail in the marital coffin-leading to a surge in the number of people instructing solictors.
On TV in the United States she said Paul's divorce lawyer Fiona Shackleton wants to "drag it out as long as she can to fill her pockets".