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a lawyer specializing in actions for divorce or annulment

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People may not even realize that this couple is getting divorced but we're actually all the way through the entire settlement before they even file anything with the court and announce to the world that they're splitting up," Laura Wasser, famed Hollywood divorce lawyer, (http://www.
Divorce lawyer Fiona Shackleton whose A[degrees]previous clients include Prince Charles, Sir Paul McCartney and Nigella Lawson, has been in discussions with the 35-year-old former glamour model.
In most cases it is not an easy decision for people to contact a divorce lawyer but they see the New Year as a chance to make a new start and many may have already spoken to lawyers informally over the past few months.
In a study of legal complaints made against divorce lawyers, the Legal Ombudsman said the woman, who had been made redundant, asked her lawyers to halt proceedings but they continued regardless and hit her with a PS15,000 bill.
Griffith, a divorce lawyer who also sees clients from Oceanside , offers the following advice for older couples initiating divorce:
Paige Firment, a divorce lawyer in Worcester, said more people may be filing for divorce without spending money on lawyers.
It appears to be largely business as usual, as Larry becomes convinced it's a bad sign that his divorce lawyer isn't Jewish, and sets about trying to find a replacement.
THE WAR OF THE ROSES FILM 4, 9pm Danny DeVito directs and stars as Gavin D'Amato, a divorce lawyer.
The mum-of-two, who quit the breakfast sofa after 12 years in 2008, said she even told Scots husband Martin Frizell she had consulted a divorce lawyer.
Stick it out until his bank balance has recovered" - Celebrity divorce lawyer Raymond Tooth.
Under communism, there was a cult of men that ruled how things would be," said Anisa Gnacikowska, a Warsaw divorce lawyer.
Leading divorce lawyer James Stewart, from Manches LLP, said: "A stressful Christmas is already often the final straw for marriages in trouble.
The first thing she did when she arrived was have a meeting with her divorce lawyer.
Mills dismissed her lawyers and represented herself in the legal battle while McCartney was represented by big-money divorce lawyer Nicholas Mostyn.
Miss Mills laughingly told the BBC that the divorce lawyer had been "baptised in court" but refused to say whether she threw the water herself.