divorce court

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a court having jurisdiction over the termination of marriage contracts

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A DIVORCE court has awarded a Scots lawyer more than PS600,000 and full ownership of a PS1million mansion.
THE marriage of 80-year-old Labour politician Lord Hattersley drew to a close in a London divorce court yesterday.
According to TMZ, the city in which divorce court is based could play a huge role in Holmes' bid to win custody of their 6-year-old daughter Suri.
Cruise, however, walked down the aisle, and up to divorce court, twice before.
New laws introduced in April 2011 mean that anyone wanting to start divorce court proceedings has to first attend mediation.
QATIF: The silent treatment landed a couple in divorce court in Qatif, Eastern Province, after the husband filed to annul the marriage due to his wife's unwillingness to speak to him.
As the law currently exists in the UK, pre-nups have no legal standing and the judgment of the divorce court dictates a settlement.
The book begins a review of how a case goes through divorce court, then gives advice on choosing the right lawyer and how to help the lawyer by collecting medical and educational documents.
Certified mediator, Milan Slama, will discuss how mediation may be used to solve family issues and as an alternative to divorce court, 11 p.
This resulted in the divorce court being unable to order a settlement for the wife, who then must apply to the courts to annul the bankruptcy.
LONDON: Paul McCartney and former model Heather Mills lock horns in a British divorce court today in their battle over how how big a slice she will take of the former Beatle's fortune.
The 1828 act brought widespread attention to working-class spousal abuse, but it was not until the opening of the Divorce Court in January 1858 that the daily press similarly chronicled accusations of marital violence among the middle and upper classes.
The custody of dependents, the vast majority of whom are children aged 18 and under, was granted through divorce court proceedings in 27% of 2003 divorces.
Or perhaps she's worried about her parents' constant fighting and fears they're headed for divorce court.