divorce court

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a court having jurisdiction over the termination of marriage contracts

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Of course, a divorce court, when making an equitable distribution of assets between divorcing spouses, may take into account the fact that a trust is in place for the child and, thus, allocate a larger percentage of the marital assets to the child's spouse to compensate.
Jack Welch, the former head of General Electric, disclosed in divorce court that GE was paying for an apartment and New York Knicks tickets even after he retired.
The Man's Guide to the Art of Divorce' is a new book which teaches men how to defend themselves in a divorce court.
Jake Gittes (Nicholson), whose bread and butter work is in divorce court, finds himself sucked into a serpentine plot to cheat a lot of pre-war Los Angelinos out of their water rights.
The divorce court and the lawyers have yet to divide up the property, but voters let Shirley Hinson keep her statehouse seat.
Otherwise, it can end up in divorce court and her husband says 'I didn't sign it,'" Love explained.
Whatever you do, try to keep your case out of divorce court -- the system stinks," writes Judge Roderic Duncan in A Judge's Guide to Divorce: Uncommon Advice from the Bench, new from Nolo.
Cruise, however, walked down the aisle, and up to divorce court, twice before.
And if the split does land the couple in divorce court, things could become expensive.
Dissenting in Elliott, Justice Scariano approved the trial court's consolidation of the two proceedings in divorce court but not its injunction against the lender.
This resulted in the divorce court being unable to order a settlement for the wife, who then must apply to the courts to annul the bankruptcy.
The test case for the pre-nup was given the go-ahead by judges at the Court of Appeal who rejected Susan Crossley's claim that the contract was invalid and she should be able to go through the normal, lengthy divorce court procedure.
Although he recommends avoiding divorce court and gives advice on how to come to amicable agreements with a spouse that one is divorcing, former California state court judge Duncan spends most of this work providing tips to those who do find themselves in court, including how to select and hire a lawyer, dividing property, dealing with alimony claims, working out child support and custody issues, enforcing court orders, and finding remedies for domestic violence.
Women legislators lined up against it, fearing that it would harm wives' cases in divorce court.
After the husband sued for reduction of his "alimony" payments, the divorce court said that payments described as alimony in the divorce decree were a property settlement.