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one of two or more integers that can be exactly divided into another integer

the number by which a dividend is divided

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The Sierra del Divisor is the final link in an immense protected area complex that extends for more than 1,100 miles from the banks of the Amazon in Brazil to the snowy peaks of the Peruvian Andes," said Dr.
Let B is Boolean-near-ring whose proper subset having a non-zero divisor of associate ring A.
A divisor D [member of] Div([GAMMA]) is called [[upsilon].
If you go six bets without a winner add one to your divisor (so in our example four now becomes five) and keep adding one until you hit a winner.
Consider first 12: The sum of the proper divisors is 16, which does not have 6 as a divisor.
The MRD for 2009 would be the account balance of $1 million multiplied by the applicable divisor of 1/22.
Proof: Suppose n is a perfect number and d its proper divisor.
The divisor used to calculate the benefit amount can be lowered, thus raising the benefit level, which occurred as a by-product of the best 14 weeks rule.
The division is a series of subtractions of the divisor from the dividend and from the partial remainder values.
3) The generator of C is g(x) = 2d(x) or g(x) = d(x) + 2 where d(x) is divisor of [x.
The changes were effective with the open of trading on April 8, and the divisor used to calculate the average from the components' prices is being changed to prevent any distortion in the index's reflection of the U.
1, it said, adding the divisor will be adjusted to preserve continuity in the index.
Generally, during the life of an individual, the RMD is determined by reference to the minimum distribution incidental benefit divisor table presently prescribed in Prop.