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Synonyms for divisive

Synonyms for divisive

dissenting (especially dissenting with the majority opinion)

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Organization Decries Divisive Tactics against Members of Congress, Diplomats, and Businesses-
When ISIS and local insurgents swept through large parts of Iraq in June and July, the divisive Maliki absolved himself of any blame, even though the army and security bodies that he supervises practically collapsed.
In relevant remarks earlier this month, Iranian Parliament Vice-Speaker Mohammad Hassan Aboutorabi Fard extended Tehran's full support for Iraq's territorial integrity, and called on the country's people to be watchful of the divisive plots hatched by the enemies who don't want a powerful and united Iraq.
David Cameron's claims are divisive in that they are bound to alienate people of other faiths and none.
Even the current Tory camp understands how divisive this legacy was, so much so that PM David Cameron felt the need to say the words members of the Conservative Party are loath to utter: " we were wrong.
However charities hit back, saying the figures were misleading, and could reinforce divisive stereotypes.
Elspeth Insch, the retiring head of King Edward VI Handsworth, (Post, August 30) will be remembered as an uncompromising defender of an anachronistic and socially divisive selective system which has disadvantaged generations of Birmingham pupils.
If the ad's content does prove to be divisive and unacceptable to Americans, the network will likely realize a net loss on the venture, and Focus on the Family and the pro-life movement will have damaged their cause.
A retired senior officer from the force said: "I think the flying of symbolic flags by this chief constable is divisive and unnecessary.
This time the spotlight is on Ralph Nader, that most divisive of spoilers who's often blamed for throwing the presidential election to George W.
They have apparently decided that these domestic issues are too important to allow a divisive, bitter impeachment process to go forward.
Of Corporate Christianity and its Leading Media Evangelists is a scathing dissection of the self-serving hypocrisy, idolatry, and divisive claims of forty influential, modern-day American Christian leaders, including Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, Billy Graham, Robert Schuller, and Jimmy Swaggart.
A Promise of Eden also reveals how understanding life energy can reconcile seemingly irreparable differences between Darwin's theory of evolution and faith, explain the current divisive split in American society, and even point toward the resolution of the ancient disagreement between Judaism and Christianity concerning the identity of Jesus Christ.
He sees himself as a pastor, rather than a political activist, and is regarded by observers as "a steady, intellectual bishop moved to Washington because the Pope has little interest in installing a divisive force in the nation's capital" (Wanderer, June 22, 2006).
TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber accused Mr Cameron of persuing a "naked right wing agenda" that would take the country back to the most divisive years of the 1980s.