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large division of chiefly freshwater eukaryotic algae that possess chlorophyll a and b, store food as starch, and cellulose cell walls

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Regarding to results found for division Chlorophyta, Chlorococcum, as nonmotile green algae, competed better for light in August, dominating when the lowest turbidity (<20 NTU) and the highest euphotic zone was found.
1) pertenece a la division Chlorophyta, orden Chlorococcales, familia Neochloridaceae Ettl et Komarek, 1982.
La division Chlorophyta presento la mayor riqueza especifica en todos los muestreos (tanto en aguas altas como en aguas bajas).
Cabe destacar que la division Chlorophyta a pesar de ser la mas diversa fue la segunda en abundancia despues de las Cyanophytas.
Mexico Afinidad # de Biogeografica Catalogo DIVISION CHLOROPHYTA CLASE ULVOPHYCEAE ORDEN ULVALES Familia Ulvaceae Enteromorpha intestinalis (Linnaeus) Link Cosmopolita 2130 Ulva lactuca Linnaeus Cosmopolita 2131 ORDEN CLADOPHORALES Familia Cladophoraceae Chaetomorpha linum (Muller) Kutzing Templado 2132 Cladophora columbiana Collins Templado 2133 Cladophora microcladioides Collins Templado 2134 ORDEN SIPHONOCLADALES Familia Siphonocladaceae Dictyosphaeria cavernosa (Forsskal) Borgesen Tropical 2135 ORDEN DASYCLADALES Familia Dasycladaceae Acetabularia calyculus Quoy & Gainard Tropical 2136 Neomeris annulata Dickie Tropical 2137 ORDEN CAULERPALES Familia Caulerpaceae Caulerpa racemosa (Forsskal) J.
Edwards (1976) gom,plg/GB/C Gaillon Humm & Hildebrand (1962) gom,plg/GB/A DIVISION CHLOROPHYTA CLASS ULVOPHYCEAE ORDER ULOTRICHALES ULOTRICHACEAE Ulothrix flacca (Dillwyn) Edwards (1976) hs, eph/GMJ/A Thuret in Le Jolis Edwards & Kapraun (1973) */GMJ,AB,RB/* ULVACEAE Enteromorpha clathrata Edwards (1976) hs, int/GMJ,AB, (Roth) Grev.
Lowe & Cox This Study (1978) Jun 93 Oct 93 Jan 94 Division Chlorophyta Bryopsis pennata - - X X Chaetomorpha linum X X X X Cladophora dalmatica - X X X Cladophora ruchingeri - X X - Cladophora vagabunda - X X X Enteromorpha clathrata - X X X Enteromorpha lingulata - X X X Enteromorpha prolifera - - - X Ulothrix flacca - X X - Ulvella lens X - X - Division Chrysophyta Navicula sp.
Species Date 28 January 21 February 25 March Division Chlorophyta Chaetomorpha linum (Muller) Kutzing + + + Cladophora dalmatica Kutzing + - - Enteromorpha clathrata (Roth) + + - Greville E.
Of these, 34 belong to the Division Chlorophyta, 11 to Phaeophyta and 46 to Rhodophyta (Fig.
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