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the quality of being divisible

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For any number (up to 100) it is only necessary to perform four divisibility tests:
127, which characterizes the case as providing "some support" for Coroner-Crown divisibility.
Infinite divisibility of probability distributions was introduced by de Finetti in 1929.
Benjamin's aesthetic theory, with its stress upon divisibility and translatability, required and postulated a dialectical relationship between the experiencing subject and the objective artwork, a relationship that McLaughlin seeks to investigate and problematize in this ambitious study.
The mental image of an infinite space, however, is always linked to its divisibility into smaller and smaller places, loci of the vibrant city and loci of the vibrant minds and memories, as we read in several passages from the "Ithaca" episode.
In addition to the lesser-of-two-evils argument, there was a widely accepted argument according to which the formal divisibility of spatial regions entails the metaphysical divisibility of any body occupying such a region.
It declared that Quebec has the legal right to secede from Canada, our country thus becoming, in the words of Stephane Dion, "the first major democratic state to acknowledge its divisibility by a legal enactment.
These tasks provided the participants with the opportunity to explore concepts related to elementary number theory, such as factors, divisors, divisibility, prime numbers, and reexamine their understanding of these concepts in an environment that supported experimentation and visualization.
competitive, no transaction cost, unlimited asset divisibility, and perfect information among investors, the price of a financial asset is determined only by the risk free rate and the riskness of the asset, e.
Ramanujan's work, and Ono's after it, relied on more-abstract proofs of divisibility.
The Rate of Interest and the Axiom of Free Divisibility of a Continuous Time
It is the doctrine of the divisibility of God that, almost more than the contagion of secularism, unites Muslims theologically in contempt for Christendom.
The Court in some cases has differentiated constitutional and unconstitutional conditions by focusing on the divisibility of the funded program.
That is, in the end Faulkner's regionalism tells the story, now retold by Glissant, of the divisibility of the place, not its insular exceptionality.
Of these additions, communicability tended to mirror observability; and divisibility and cost paralleled trialability; the original dimensions laid down by Rogers (1962).