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Synonyms for divinity

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In Paradise insight is a process by which the novel can teach readers to see beyond the visible, to see the veils of history, ideology, subjectivity, and divinity that shape one's vision.
We would like to express our thanks to the Council on Middle East Studies and Yale Divinity School for their support in sponsoring the conference, and to the Yale Center for International and Area Studies for publishing the volume.
Thus, Regent qualifies for the bonds, except for the university's divinity school, which remains ineligible.
For Maria the divinity resided not in the written page at all but in an impalpable and transient oral world; and while her sisters, against the usual assumption, recognized that " Maria Maddalena's orality meant something," they could convey that orality only be cavesdropping on Maria's private raptures and "translating" that orality -- that "lost test" -- into an idiom the creator herself never intended.
During the Closing Night Gala of the Freakzone, I witnessed a performance art piece by Ron Athey wherein a 400-pound man by the name of Divinity Fudge had his back carved into a variety of geometric shapes while the surgeon/artist blotted paper towels over the open wounds and clothes-pinned them to a series of clotheslines which spanned the breadth of the Freakzone auditorium.
3 -- color) Los Angeles designer Josephine Loka's Divinity collection includes the face of the Madonna on a sheer top, $120, available in May at Barneys, Fred Segal and American Rag stores.
Cherry examines the self-understanding of liberal Protestantism in the United States that led to the establishment of divinity schools in the context of universities.
in chemistry from the University of North Carolina, a Master of Divinity degree from the Divinity School of Duke University and Doctor of Ministry degree from Howard University.
He enjoined the future ministers to be true to the divinity within them, to break with tradition and "speak the very truth" as it comes to them from "life and conscience.
Gore even went to divinity school, for heaven's sake.
The Incense Bible is a comprehensive guide to the spiritual meaning of real, raw, natural incense and how to use it in prayer, meditation, or simply in creating a home environment to reconnect with divinity and nature.
Al-Radd al-jamil: A Fitting Refutation of the Divinity of Jesus
Lillian Daniel Honorary doctorate of divinity degrees will be presented to David Jennings and Rev.
The oldest centre for theological studies in the Anglican Church of Canada, the Faculty of Divinity offers a wide variety of accredited programs, at master's and doctoral levels, in ecumenical collaboration within the Toronto School of Theology and in federation with the University of Toronto.
The selected seminaries represent broad denominational, demographic and geographic diversity, including Regent University School of Divinity, which includes Pentecostal/charis-matic theology and Howard University's School of Divinity, a predominantly African-American seminary in Washington, D.