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Synonyms for divinity

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The noble and free citizens of Epidaphne being, as they declare, well satisfied of the faith, valor, wisdom, and divinity of their king, and having, moreover, been eye-witnesses of his late superhuman agility, do think it no more than their duty to invest his brows (in addition to the poetic crown) with the wreath of victory in the footrace -- a wreath which it is evident he must obtain at the celebration of the next Olympiad, and which, therefore, they now give him in advance.
The ape-man knew no god, but he was as near to worshipping his divinity as mortal man ever comes to worship.
then you are convinced, at last, of your mistake - you have at length discovered that your divinity is not quite the immaculate -
Generalization is always a new influx of the divinity into the mind.
All the argument and all the wisdom is not in the encyclopaedia, or the treatise on metaphysics, or the Body of Divinity, but in the sonnet or the play.
To say the truth, she had read much English divinity, and had puzzled more than one of the neighbouring curates.
And all the Gods then laughed, and shook upon their thrones, and exclaimed: "Is it not just divinity that there are Gods, but no God?
It was that if the chief proof of the Divinity was His revelation of what is right, how is it this revelation is confined to the Christian church alone?
The deity breathed the breath of his divinity on the Diamond in the forehead of the god.
In "Questions Jesus Asks: Where Divinity Meets Humanity" by Israel Wayne (an author and conference speaker who has a passion for defending the Christian faith and promoting a Biblical world view), appreciative readers will explore the unique paradox of Jesus' divinity and humanity; be challenged by the questions Jesus asks each of us; and learn more about Jesus and find the answers to your own life's questions.
Honorary degrees: Doctor of Divinity (honoris causa) to Rev.
The Documentation of Chinese Christianity programme established by the Yale University Divinity Library in 2012 is a collaborative effort of Yale and the Hong Kong Baptist University Library to preserve and make accessible books, periodicals, reports, and archival materials that document Chinese Christianity.
But the most recent misadventure in translation may be the topper so far, since it seems to deny God's divinity Speaking about religion and science, the pope said Dio non e un derniurgo o un mago, ma il Creatore .
Willie James Jennings, associate professor of theology and black church studies at Duke Divinity School, has earned the 2015 Louisville Grawemeyer Award in Religion for tackling that question in his book, "The Christian Imagination: Theology and the Origins of Race.
TRINITY COLLEGE The oldest centre for theological studies in the Anglican Church of Canada, the Faculty of Divinity offers a wide variety of accredited programs.