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forked stick that is said to dip down to indicate underground water or oil

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Twelve pendulums and eight divining rods on the walls invited visitors to try their hand at a parascientific experiment that involved dreaming up the perfect feng shui for the kunsthaus.
Bonnie2402 WEIRD: A water leak at a social club was located using water divining rods "Old ways are sometimes the best.
A year ago Richard and son Meilir began searching for a new source of water - using divining rods.
It's about honoring our bodies, these majestic divining rods attuned to our histories, our emotions, and our surroundings.
WITH the help of two twitching divining rods Taunton can look forward to its richest-ever raceday next month knowing the meeting will not be lost to firm ground like last year, writes Mark Storey.
II We migrants hoard the hope of spring in our bones, searching like divining rods for any thaw.
Watson also issued warnings about divining rods, death rays and "messages from or to Mars or other planets.
The 60-something retired welfare officer revealed her only tools are a couple of steel welding sticks, her divining rods.
Word went out that somebody had seen a man sitting nearby with witch hazel divining rods in his hands.
However, the firm was keen to point out that divining rods were not standard issue for its engineers.
Those who believe that appraisal is more art than science do not care about peer review because their underlying belief is that appraising still uses checkbooks and divining rods and that MAI stands for "Made As Instructed" Daubert is a lifeline out of this world.
The plant got its name from the early settlers in Virginia who, having discovered a woodland shrub very similar (but unrelated) to the European common hazel, used its branches as divining rods to locate underground springs and streams.
Justifiably considered to be the quintessential work on "facilitated behavior" brought about by unconscious muscle movements that gave rise to severe misunderstandings of such commonplace metaphysical phenomena and activities as the Ouija boards, mind-reading, divining rods, and automatic writing, Nonconscious Movements is a welcome contribution to the psychology underlying the processes of all manner of so-called spiritually facilitated or metaphysically enhanced communications.
First conceived as a look at dowsing, the ancient practice of using divining rods to locate underground water, doc evolves into an amusing work of dialectical cinema as it pits the views of science and religion against each other.