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forked stick that is said to dip down to indicate underground water or oil

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Quinn devotes a whole chapter to divining rods, treasure digging, and seer stones as they were employed in the New England of the 1800-1820 period.
Divining, also known as dowsing, water finding or water witching, has existed for thousands of years and traditionally the most common divining rod was a Y-shaped branch cut from a tree or bush.
They were looking for treasure, and they used divining rods to try to find it.
Investigators use a variety of gadgets and methods to capture phenomenon, including trigger objects, divining rods, a Franks box which captures ghostly voices, electromagnetic field meters and motionsensor cameras.
utm_source=unusual-uses&utm_medium=unusual-uses&utm_campaign=unusual-uses) being used to create cheap digital aerials and divining rods, mannequins (http://www.
The 60-something retired welfare officer revealed her only tools are a couple of steel welding sticks, her divining rods.
Chief executive Bob Young explained: "A fellow came along with two divining rods and said we should drill down for water when they crossed over.
Watson also issued warnings about divining rods, death rays and "messages from or to Mars or other planets.
It's about honoring our bodies, these majestic divining rods attuned to our histories, our emotions, and our surroundings.
A year ago Richard and son Meilir began searching for a new source of water - using divining rods.
Bonnie2402 WEIRD: A water leak at a social club was located using water divining rods "Old ways are sometimes the best.
But, out on the pitch, Jan's divining rods found some problems.
All this weird and wonderful talent is invited each week to look around a house, complete with divining rods and crystals, herbs and incense, and give diagnose the owner's problems .
Investigators will use trigger objects and divining rods to make contact with the other side, along with a Franks box, which taps into radio frequencies to pick up ghostly conversations, electromagnetic field meters and motion-sensor cameras.
My mate suggested we went out with divining rods to try to find where the haunted places were.