divining rod

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forked stick that is said to dip down to indicate underground water or oil

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They were looking for treasure, and they used divining rods to try to find it.
However, the firm was keen to point out that divining rods were not standard issue for its engineers.
The cause of the peculiar working of the divining rod is almost unexplainable by words, and the nearest explanation I can give is that the rod works something like a magnet that will draw a needle.
Next time you see the man from your local water board with his kooky-looking divining rod or hear your friendly architect muttering enthusiastically about ley lines, be a little open minded and give credit where credit's due.
Now, considering that Schwarzenegger has named Reagan as his model, it becomes a divining rod for what lies ahead.
I'd divulge the formula, which involves dozens of variables including the speed of light, a divining rod and the weight of one meter of fiber-optic cable, but unless you are highly gifted in doing differential equations and in writing haiku, you wouldn't understand anyway.
People from miles around would come in horse-drawn buckboards to collect her and her divining rod, driving her off to their Oklahoma pastures, and she'd tell them where to drill the well.
However, skittish investors can still use selling short as a kind of divining rod to some lucrative investments.
Water Use Analysis is a divining rod that can often miraculously locate a hidden income stream in your property.
They called this tree the divining rod of the prairies.
And when customers can share their experiences electronically with millions, customer trust becomes more than a catchphrase; it becomes a business necessity--and a divining rod for any company's success over the long term.
The Sound Of Next' is a divining rod, a no-risk device to discover great global expressions in jazz, amidst the daily noise.
For example, immediately on entering the show, the viewer encounters a small bronze model for Mann im Matsch (Man in Mud), 2009, only to see the figure again in monumental scale when exiting, this time as a 1:1 model for a sculpture in a public urban space, but made of Styrofoam and plaster, and with a divining rod in its hand.
In the first of Simon Schama's sweeping new series, he points his historical divining rod at the wagon trains that once raced across the continent in their rush to convert deserts into ranches and orange groves, casinos and strip malls.