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a weighted and hermetically sealed garment supplied with air


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Diver Jacquie Cozens tests out a pigs' leather diving suit based on Leonardo's drawings to see if it could have worked.
The man who ran the marathon in a diving suit happens to be Lloyd Scott.
Crowds cheered as Lloyd, 40, became the slowest contestant in London Marathon history - and how better to back Lloyd on his final painstaking leg than to join him in our own diving suit.
Reilly) puts on his diving suit and there, straight away, is a sea monster, like the sea is full of them.
A jubilant Steve Entwistle |with family and supporters after completing his diving suit walk along Durban beach front in 30C
s Nuytco Research Ltd, believes his hard-metal diving suit, described as a 'submarine' will lead to further advances in his field.
Many will be taking part in outrageous fancy dress costumes, including London buses and various animals, and last year the world record for the slowest time was set when Lloyd Smith completed the marathon wearing a deep sea diving suit weighing over 50 kilos
They met their nemesis at the Victoria Falls in Zambia, where the endless drenching spray pouring down the tester's legs finally got in the top of the boots, though in fairness only a diving suit could have withstood that onslaught.
Anderson, she said, knew that Eric had said he saw a monster, not his father commit the murder, and had discussed a trial strategy to explain that what the little boy had seen was really his father dressed in a skin diving suit.
Game to play along, she rented a diving suit and shot me underwater.
In this first programme, about how to survive underwater, Dr Fong, above, escapes from a sinking helicopter, walks through a tank of sharks in an antique diving suit and intentionally gives himself nitrogen narcosis.
And then I observed the instructor placing half a dozen fish in the belt of his diving suit.
One of the US officers suffered hypothermia as he wasn't wearing a diving suit.
If we're fortunate enough to get a deep sea diving suit on ebay, we've then got to find room for it in her suitcase.