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Or seeing magician David Blaine, pictured below, test the mammalian diving reflex, this trick of human physiology (and of whales, dolphins and seals) by living underwater in a bubble in New York, attempting to break the record for breathing underwater, at eight minutes, 58 seconds.
79min: Substitute Edgar Alvarez bursts through on the right and when his shot is deflected off Stewart Downing, Mark Schwarzer produces a diving reflex save to push it away.
In cold water, your heart rate slows ( known as the mammalian diving reflex.
Kolkka's corner was headed goalwards by Kuivasto and although Carroll made a great diving reflex save he pushed the shot out to Hyypia who was lurking at the back post and he side-footed the ball home - doubling his tally against Northern Ireland having also scored four years ago in Helsinki.
A team of experts will then help them develop their gifts, whether it's a latent linguistic skill that means you can become fluent in a foreign language in a matter of months, or a diving reflex that allows you to plumb depths of 60 metres without scuba gear.
And the specific trigger of the diving reflex is a facial immersion in cold water.