diving duck

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any of various ducks of especially bays and estuaries that dive for their food

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A sinking dummy is admittedly a specialty item, but given the commonality of the diving duck, I'm surprised so few dummy manufacturers offer a sinking model.
8, 2003, a small commercial airliner hit a flock of lesser scaup - a small, diving duck - while approaching Rogue Valley International Airport, according to the Bird Strike Web site.
section]) Diving duck (Tribe Aythini and Tribe Mergini).
This attractive little, stiff-tail diving duck can be found on several lochs in Lowland Scotland from Glasgow through to Edinburgh, having spread up from England where it escaped in the 1960s from the late Sir Peter Scott's collection at Slimbridge.
A RARE diving duck from America was spotted in Devon recently.
The smallest diving duck in North America, the Bufflehead breeds in Canada and winters off the Gulf Coast.
It is little surprise, then, that the album contains a large slice of that experience with versions of Hide Me In The Bosom (Blind Willie McTell), Fred McDowell's Diving Duck Blues, the title track, Lift Him Up, by Washington Phillips.
The bulk of the birds shot on this popular club's site consist of teal, mallards, widgeon, sprig, spoonies and wood ducks along with an occasional diving duck.
Steve explained the bird, which is a medium-sized diving duck, usually spends the winter in Florida or the Caribbean.
Bridget's bath-time companion is this Diving Duck, pounds 1.
SUGGESTIONS Wood ducks aren't especially large birds, but they are as tenacious as a diving duck when wounded.
You may even want to tape the wings of a live duck for a couple short chases and retrieves so your dog experiences a simulated cripple, chasing and retrieving a diving duck.