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a springboard from which swimmers can dive

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This has now contributed to four state-of-the-art diving boards that will benefit the local diving club, the council diving lesson programme and the general public.
at is, from the top of the pool's 10-metre diving board which he says is the root cause of the building being so costly to run.
The Royal Commonwealth Pool now provides ten diving boards including the new one metre boards.
Smith, headquartered in Portland, TN, is a leading manufacturer of pool slides, diving boards, pool games, pool security equipment, and ADA-compliant accessibility equipment.
MYTH: Most swimming pool diving accidents occur while using a diving board.
DELHI DISASTERS: THE STORY SO FAR Lewis-Francis's starting blocks slip Scoreboard collapses at rugby sevens Swimmers suffer stomach sickness Lewis-Francis has running shoes stolen Netball team taken to hockey venue Outbreaks of dengue fever Diving boards at wrong height Boxing scales wrongly calibrated Keirin race restarted after cyclists overtake pace-setting moped Deadly snake near athletes' village
The RANI Chunk Pool, a pool filled with foam chunks instead of water with ramps and diving boards above, will include jumps from professional BMX riders and skateboarders, the trampoline jump competition, the diving board competition and an open session for visitors to try.
WHAT TO DO For families Worthing Aquarena, just a few miles down the coast, has a 33-metre pool, diving boards, flume, steam room and sunbeds.
These involved demolishing the waterslides, removing the high diving boards and replacing the grand old pool with three plastic efforts.
The existing lift for climbing up to the diving boards, set up at a maximum height of 10 metres, have been done away with as SAI authorities claim that it was not a mandatory feature according to the International Swimming Federation ( FINA) regulations.
The nearest pool with reasonable diving boards is Coventry.
Bashir and his colleagues built several tiny silicon detectors called cantilevers, which resemble miniature diving boards that quiver slightly even at rest.
Some pools offer extra fun ways to get drenched, such as water slides, diving boards and splash areas.
We don't have diving boards on swimming pools; a lot of fun is taken out of life.
Underwater Impressions leads one to the disturbing speculation that the brilliant Leni Riefenstahl suffered from an aesthetic autism focused on the beautiful to the exclusion of any other artistic criteria, that beautification of whatever she beheld, whether it was Adolf Hitler and masses of Nazi banners, athletes swanning off diving boards, painted African bodies, or the lacy forms of a coral reef.