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a springboard from which swimmers can dive

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A lot of people expected me to quit afterwards - but as soon as I was able to again, all I could think about was getting back on the diving board.
Smith's production process for its diving boards will be part of that evening's show.
MYTH: Most swimming pool diving accidents occur while using a diving board.
High board diving is one of the events that has been included in the Federation Cup but the diving board is yet to be placed.
The water park offers beach-like entrance, a lazy river, five pools including a lap pool and diving board, sand playground, two water slides, and a plunge slide.
Teams were judged on their costumes, diving board antics and the "bomb" itself.
I was flirting with this guy while he was trying to teach me how to do a flip off the diving board.
An ordinary-looking currency-exchange office stands in the middle of the room; as at the local swimming pool, a slim diving board cuts through the air, next to three aluminum steps that protrude from the wall; as in the library around the corner, a pair of bookcases face each other.
Take calculated risks; don't just jump off the diving board and hope they remembered to fill the pool.
Children cool off by jumping off the high diving board at Rancho Simi Community Park Pool as the sun sets behind them in Simi Valley.
However, after a 'shlurple' of Vimto he makes light of the problem by jumping off the diving board using the enormous pair of pants as an impromptu parachute.
The theory is that a pool with a properly installed diving board is safer than a pool with no diving board, where a stranger walking up to it doesn't know where it's OK to dive," said Guy Larsen, past chairman of APSE Applicants will be asked if they build diving pools according to APSP standards.
Claims that the tort system is driving the diving board into oblivion have been made repeatedly by tort fear mongers, (6) journalists, and even scholars.
It was a lot of work, but we got the thing drained and we got the diving board off.
SoftSide also may be used under diving board ladders to protect pool patrons from serious slip and fall incidents.