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diving apparatus for underwater work

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Lights flash and the diving bell shudders and descends beneath the water then deep into the earth's crust below, mile upon subterranean mile, until we rest within the sedimentary rock that underlies Kern Country, California--rock that, as it happens, contains prodigious amounts of oil.
If you are in that kind of mood, the diving bell is a good place to do it.
Along with going down into the diving bell, you get to simulate locating oil by means of explosives and seismographs, pushing the plunger on a stack of dynamite in a way that makes you feel like Wile E.
Inviting Seymour to his lab, the duo decided to collect some of the arachnids to find out how they use their diving bells.
After watching the spiders build their shimmering diving bells, the duo gingerly poked an oxygen sensing optode into the bubble to see how the animal reacted.
They found that the diving bell behaves like a gill sucking oxygen from the water and the spiders only need to dash to the surface once a day to supplement their air supply.
But scientists didn't know if the spiders' diving bells, which the crawlers can leave behind while they go grab food or find a mate, were anything more than scuba tanks, holding a one-time supply of air.
It turns out that, like plastrons, the diving bells behave like gills too, Roger Seymour of the University of Adelaide in Australia and Stefan Hetz from Humboldt University of Berlin discovered.
What was the occupation of Edmund Halley, who devised one of the first practical diving bells in 1717?