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diving apparatus for underwater work

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He said:"There were two accidents last year when divers died in their diving bells because the cables supplying heat were cut off.
These lifeboats are effectively submersible diving bells that can maintain a certain pressure under the sea.
It turns out that, like plastrons, the diving bells behave like gills too, Roger Seymour of the University of Adelaide in Australia and Stefan Hetz from Humboldt University of Berlin discovered.
Diving bells may have their limitations, but insect plastrons could inspire submersible designs, Flynn says.
Inviting Seymour to his lab, the duo decided to collect some of the arachnids to find out how they use their diving bells.
After watching the spiders build their shimmering diving bells, the duo gingerly poked an oxygen sensing optode into the bubble to see how the animal reacted.
Surface supplied - using a hot water suit, air line and open diving bells, in offshore diving.
While Alexander's diving bell likely had ropes attached, more modern diving bells usually go up and down by themselves.
This piece of comb will be referred to as the tilter since it automatically tilts the diving bell when it surfaces.
The 25-year-old company has launched an analyser which monitors for hydrocarbons in diving bells and has also sold into the pub cellar sector in Ireland for the first time.
But what the museum lacks in flashing lights and diving bells it makes up for by having Jane Kinsey running it.
The book begins with the observation that "Since very early times, at least three hundred years before Christ, humankind has used all kinds of contraptions--suits of armor and animal skins, kettles or diving bells, leather hoods, snorkels, nose clips--to get beneath the waves.