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any of numerous aquatic beetles usually having a smooth oval body and flattened hind legs for swimming

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These include the Great Diving Beetle which eats a lot of tadpoles.
A new species of predacious diving beetle, Heterosternuta phoebeae (Coleoptera: Dytiscidae), from the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas.
Some of these have wonderful names including minutest diving beetle, iron blue mayfly, distinguished jumper spider, wormwood moonshiner, fancy-legged fly and English assassin fly.
This will create 30 hectares of wetland habitat, encouraging important species such as the diving beetle and birds like snipe and redshank.
It is joined by the Great Diving Beetle, the Stickleback and Southern Hawker Dragonfly on the stamps which are also available in a special presentation pack.
Larson DJ: Structure in temperate predaceous diving beetle communities (Coleoptera: Dytiscidae).
A dairy unit until seven years ago, the 100-acre farm now carries a sheep flock and a suckler herd and plays host to otter, kingfisher, wild water lilies, dragonflies, crested newts and lesser diving beetle.
For instance, children learn that the scorpion fly can walk across a spiderweb without getting caught, and that the great diving beetle is big and strong enough to catch fish.
Big Waters Nature Reserve, on the outskirts of Newcastle, was shown to be rich in invertebrates, with a rare species of diving beetle and hornwort found.
The lesser silver diving beetle, known to survive only in Cheshire and Somerset, has been discovered in ponds alongside the Basford-Hough-Shavington Bypass, near Crewe.
The Great Diving Beetle, found in garden ponds, can draw blood if it bites, and earwigs can use the pincers at the end of their body to nip.
Predaceous diving beetles (Coleoptera: Dytiscidae) of the Nearctic region, with emphasis on the fauna of Canada and Alaska.
Cooperative behavior in sperm is rare, but examples appear across the animal kingdom--from great diving beetles to opossums.
Sabrin Rahman, Senior Manager Corporate Sustainability- HSBC Bank Middle East Limited that supports the programme, said volunteer conservationists also helped relocate the Garra fish (Garra barriemiae), diving beetles and damselfly larvae to secure water catchments in the national park before the planned eradication of the invasive Tilapia.
The silver diving beetles and the greater water parsnips are also thriving.