divine spark

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the vital principle or animating force within living beings

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The creative imagination in the Christian tradition is an intellectual power, not a super-human emanation from "spirit" or from the uncreated divine spark in the human soul.
In the paradigm of faith, matter too is a creation of the divine and hence carries a latent divine spark.
However, where Rifkin believes "empathic consciousness" came about through evolution, as a "genetic predisposition," Baha'is believe any such empathic impulse stems from a Divine spark that resides in all of us, commonly known as the soul.
While Branca may not be the first to be impacted by the Italian Renaissance or the composition of the Pantheon her design sensibilities definitely have their own divine spark.
Roman Stoicism in the first two centuries of the Christian era affirmed the brotherhood of man, kindness and humane treatment of everyone, civilized or barbarian, slave or free, all of whom were regarded as possessing a divine spark.
x2666;"The divine spark in us all still illuminates weathered cemetery stones" - Nov.
They lead the divine spark relatively unharmed across corridors or avenues, mule tracks or tunnels, pipelines or viaducts of meaning through the jungle of the daily grind.
Devoid of the divine spark, s/he was now a social construction whose inner life, or "interiority," amounted to little more than a hill of beans and whose existence, when it was not totally insignificant, was either all about social struggle or about a quasionanistic (or maybe orgiastic) "pleasuring the body.
Jan says once people have passed over, they can stay in the spirit world and do nothing, or choose to progress through reincarnation with the ultimate aim of attaining perfection - the point at which we have completely fulfilled our destiny and are ready to go back to God, or the Divine Spark.
It begins in childhood, in dreams, in memories, in the feeling that a divine spark animates the world and the cosmos.
That whole scene comes from something someone said to me when I was 19 playing at a New York club called Dangerfields and there was a thug bartender, and I came off stage one night and he said to me: `kid you've got a divine spark, you've got to protect it.
There's a line towards the end of Bruce Almighty when God (played by Morgan Freeman of course) tells Bruce that he has the divine spark of being able to make people laugh, and not to forget it.
When I was 19 years old I played at a club called Dangerfield's in New York and after I'd done my set one night this thug of a bouncer said: 'Your comedy has a divine spark - don't ever lose it.
Ibn Tufayl and the Divine Spark," in The World of Ibn Tufayl: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Hayy ibn Yaqzan, ed.
Whether the 'philosopher's stone is a divine spark within us all which can become a candle to illuminate our whole self' is up to individual readers to decide.