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to the evening divine service, the preacher is nothing more than the
One of the reasons why we included the divine service in the festival programme is that masses in particular always played a significant role in the life of the people during the Baroque era.
include a Divine Service with children's Christmas carols at 10 a.
He [Abdulhamid II] used to appear in 'Cuma Selamlyy-y' [Friday divine service parade].
Their shadows almost served to frighten away all children at play during divine service, as well as other Sabbath breakers of a larger growth.
Mathew Mathew will lead the divine service and Rev.
The Jewish people must take the usual approach, they said, "increasing Torah and Divine service, loving one another and increasing charity and acts of kindness, which are particularly necessary at this time.
The question encourages the exercitant to contemplate the end of all human action and to recognize that creaturely service is a "rehearsal" for the eschatological divine service.
They should be "ruled by him in all things and obedience concerning the ministering of divine service within the said church" (presumably the Church of St Peter Ad Vincula).
Expecting worldly rewards for the divine service you perform is banal.
Try doing manual labor in a sacred manner, just doing what you are doing as if it is the ultimate divine service, for it is.
In 1563, the Act for the Translation of the Scripture and the Divine Service into Welsh was passed by Parliament, ordered by Elizabeth I in order to convert the Welsh to the Protestant faith.
The congregation then proceeded immediately into the church for the Divine Service.
Well quite a lot and it all goes back to - October 25, 1382, when Thomas of Sheldon, John Colleshull, John Goldsmith, and William ate Slowe applied for a license to endow two chaplains who should celebrate divine service daily "in honour of God, our Lady his mother, Holy Cross, St Thomas the Martyr, and St Catherine, in the Church of St Martin of Birmingham".