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ministered unto them divine service and holy bread on a Sunday and kneeled before the altar in his suffrages and prayers, [the parishioners] laid upon him violent hands and arrested him and entreated him so rigorously that in the same place they drew blood upon him, for which diverse of them were excommunicated, and yet continue in the same and so with outrageous violence drew him out of the said church and incontinently laid him openly and shamefully in the stocks and after that, as a thief with his arms bound, with a cord led him unto the king's gaol of Guildford [Surrey] where, by their untrue suggestions, he was entreated as a thief and laid in great duress of imprisonment.
Before listing the actual elements of the Divine service, Moses provides the context in which they are to be considered.
The congregation then proceeded immediately into the church for the Divine Service.
Well quite a lot and it all goes back to - October 25, 1382, when Thomas of Sheldon, John Colleshull, John Goldsmith, and William ate Slowe applied for a license to endow two chaplains who should celebrate divine service daily "in honour of God, our Lady his mother, Holy Cross, St Thomas the Martyr, and St Catherine, in the Church of St Martin of Birmingham".
By the early 1470s, therefore, the vicars were complaining to the bishop that they lived "so distant from the church that through fear of evil-doers, and the inclemency of the weather, many of them cannot go to the church at midnight to celebrate divine service.
Bedlington Station Spiritualist Church, Back Ravenworth Street, holds a Divine Service Sundays 6.
53-56; Divine Service and Its Rewards: Ideology and Poetics in the Hinke Kudurru (Beer-Sheva: Ben-Gurion Univ.
A sacristy is the place where utensils for divine service are kept.
Baxter said his invitation to be keynote preacher at an annual Masonic divine service in a Toronto Anglican church was revoked at the request of the diocesan bishops.
Faced with a society that puts the acquisitive individual above all else, and surrounded by attractions of hi-tech entertainment, we find our divine service less inviting than ever.
They vary between wraith armies of soldiers tortured in red-hot armour, and a 9-year-old girl who returns to her place in the nuns' choir to atone for her habit of whispering during divine service.
54, shall be holding a Divine Service in St George's Tron Church, Mandela Square, Glasgow, at 11am.
It's a time where there's always a lot of concern and it's very unfortunate that such extreme measures have to be taken for what is a divine service and a simple parade returning home which should offend nobody," he said.
As things worsened in the Ghetto, Shapira argues for a new model of service that will have an impact on the din (judgment) and cause God to reveal hosed (mercy): "But now a new mode of divine service has been given us; controlling ourselves, overcoming depression and a broken spirit, finding our strength in God.
In charge of its church was a senior priest they called the master, with three priests under him singing and maintaining divine service.