divine revelation

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communication of knowledge to man by a divine or supernatural agency


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In brief, I want to argue that while God or the divine may be a-historical, divine revelation always takes place within particular historical contexts, and our various interpretations of those revelations are certainly always historically conditioned.
He begins by describing basic principles, including the concepts of oneness and unity, the application of the concepts to humanity and God, the nature of divine revelation and the world religions, and the relationship of the individual with God and with family and society.
Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation, Dei Verbum
We are all proud of serving this country, the place that received divine revelation and the direction to which Muslims all over the world turn during prayer," he added.
2) Divine revelation and its fundamental role in setting forth the laws;
Naturalistic" in this context, however, does not mean materialistic but, rather, finding the Transcendent or the Divine within the workings of nature rather than in an alleged spiritual realm accessible only through special divine revelation.
This paper will discuss Sayers and Lewis from a Christian postmodernist perspective, that is, the acceptance of both human constructions, such as multiple views on genres, and divine revelation, or what transcends the limitations of humanity.
Divine Revelation A Call from Christ to Join the Armies of Heaven
5:21, then we must conclude that the science-history in that chapter is not a divine revelation.
They mistakenly believe that Divine Revelation must adapt itself to the current mentality in order to be credible, instead of the current mentality converting in the light that comes to us from on high.
CAIRO: Nearly a billion and a half Muslims worldwide this week begin the annual holy month of Ramadan, a time of prayer and fasting that commemorates the divine revelation received by the Prophet Mohamed.
Genaro Garcia Luna, Mexico's public safety secretary, said Jose Mar Flores, a 44-year-old Bolivian man, told investigators he hijacked Aeromexico Flight 576 after a divine revelation.
One of the greater merits of this book is the way Schall distinguishes and orders the special claims of politics, philosophy, and divine revelation.
After all, Dorff does not perceive divine revelation as a purely objective reality.