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a messenger from God

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She is excluded from the privileged context in which Joseph and the divine messenger share divinely transmitted knowledge.
Publishing the offensive image was not an insult only to Islam but to all divine messengers," said the president's special assistance.
Just as Abraham's hospitality toward the divine messengers led to fruitfulness, so does welcoming the other out of love of God allow us to overcome fear and other obstacles for the sake of human flourishing.
Thus, no character "is" God, but all characters are potentially "angels" or divine messengers, and all nature is sacramental.
The Christian scriptures, with over 300 references, call angels divine messengers.
He has chosen companions and upon all the divine messengers.
Physiotherapist and counselor Andrea Wansbury passes on the spiritual lessons that can be learned from our avian friends in Birds Divine Messengers, a reminder that connection to the divine lies within all of us, and the creations of nature.
Connections between horses and humans have long been a part of literature and religious inspection, but ANGEL HORSES: DIVINE MESSENGERS OF HOPE takes thins a step further in offering stories of people whose happiness has roots in relationships with horses.
But one day, God sent three Divine messengers with the news that his wife (now past child bearing age) would have the promised son
This month, divine messengers visit Jacob at night, once in a dream and once as he journeys, wrestling Jacob to a draw yet blessing him with a new name--Israel (Genesis 28 and 32).
Grabbe ("Ancient Near Eastern Prophecy from an Anthropological Perspective") applies insights from the social sciences to the phenomenon of divine messengers.
The film insulted not only Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), but it also disrespected the divine messengers," he said, addressing a large congregation of worshippers on Tehran University Campus here in Tehran on Friday.
Ahmadinejad said divine messengers have been assigned to save man from captivity.
Many Muslims insist that the long line of Divine Messengers came to an end with Prophet Muhammad, and try to substantiate this view by citing his famous hadith: 'I am the last Prophet.
In the Christmas story angels play a key role as divine messengers and heralds of joy.