divine law

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a law that is believed to come directly from God

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The distinction between divine law and the juristic interpretations that constitute Islamic law (fiqh) is not made clear.
But then Teilhard saw that attraction and connection were only two of the parts of the divine law governing evolution.
4) Leo treats the divine law as fixed and eternal, though he also recognizes that the eternal law can have different applications in different times and places.
For Luther, the divine law is universal righteousness--it demands the entire human heart.
They all act and function as per the Divine law within mother nature, called kudrat.
Ignorance of God includes the prevalent belief that chance governs or influences our lives and happiness, instead of divine law.
authority of the divine law by the greatest imprudence.
However, to blast a politician for correctly differentiating between man-made political law and divine law is to actually exhibit an irrational extremist mindset that is quick to judge and slow to act.
in expectation of delights unknown under divine law.
The modern project is above all the attempt to realize human autonomy ever more completely, which requires breaking the two principal bonds of heteronomy at the heart of the various forms of the medieval synthesis: the divine law and the normative indications of man's place in the cosmos.
It is the divine law that says, "Thou shalt not kill," but even the civil "law" which turns a blind eye to the taking of innocent human life is contradicted by a host of other laws--civil laws--which forbid the killing of people, or even injuring them, and even forbid the maltreatment of animals.
The disappearance of Israel is inevitable, it is divine law," Nasrallah said in a speech delivered.
The leading idea upon which Greeks and Jews agree," Leo Strauss said, "is precisely the idea of divine law as of a unique and all-encompassing law that is at the same time a religious law, a civil law and a moral law.
A Pu'uhonna is a sacred place where those who broke the Kapu, or divine law, could be absolved of their transgressions.
Rather, it was "intended to affirm the truth of the belief that divine law supersedes civil law, by conveying a message to the public that Christianity and Christian law (in the form of the Decalogue) reigns supreme--not just over the American legal system, but also over all other religions.