divine guidance

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(theology) a special influence of a divinity on the minds of human beings

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Critique: Exceptionally well written and impressively well organized in its presentation, "Hierarchy from Love: Divine Guidance for a Soul-Driven Planet" is as thoughtful and thought-provoking as it is inherently fascinating and ultimately inspiring.
Muslim] Divine Guidance The Creator, out of His abundant Love and Mercy for mankind has not left us in darkness to discover the right path by trial and error alone.
Seeking divine guidance for the vote, the 115 cardinal-electors listened to choirs in St Peter's Basilica.
Everything was fine while the leader was alive; he made the right decisions, like a prophet who receives divine guidance.
NNA - Bishop Tawadros was chosen as new Pope of Egypt's Coptic Christians Sunday when a blindfolded altar boy picked his name from a chalice in a ceremony invoking divine guidance for the beleaguered minority, reported Agence France Presse.
moments of divine guidance, we also believe, in accord with Jesus'
Ayatollah Khamenei said the Islamic republic of Iran wants to create a civilization based on the spirituality taken from Quran and divine guidance.
He prays for divine guidance on business decisions and political races.
I prayed for divine guidance, and said to the mob, "This man is indeed dead, but he did not die of hunger.
its successive coverings, and open it for Divine guidance.
GEMMA McClean describes the Bible as archaic (Letters, July 27) but the books of the Bible were written under divine guidance and as such its instruction is ever new.
Fighting the devil doesn't require consultation or prayers seeking divine guidance.
Pondering if she should follow her head or her heart, the singer cathartically cries out for divine guidance as the song passionately builds with a surging, gurgling arrangement of synths and strings.
It therefore gives divine guidance on how Muslims should live their lives.
This song is a poignant cry for Divine Guidance that includes Pensmoke's frustration with his continual failings and depicts his willingness to surrender to a higher power.