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Synonyms for divinatory

resembling or characteristic of a prophet or prophecy

based primarily on surmise rather than adequate evidence

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He mentions the effects on patients' health of spirits and witchcraft, his dependence on divinatory knowledge, dream revelations, and 'angels' cited in the Qur'an.
The Mesopotamian origin of this kind of divinatory texts is well known and has been repeatedly analyzed.
Nonetheless, an impressive finding about 'shamanism' is borne from these data on shamanic divinatory practices.
Among ancient Nahua people from the center of Mexico, there were medicine men and women who made use of divinatory techniques such as casting maize seeds, seeing the reflection of persons through a bowl with water, throwing or pulling ropes with knots, and ingesting hallucinogenic plants to help them cure and find answers to diverse problems (2).
This herb has hallucinogenic effects and is used in certain regions of Mexico for healing and divinatory rituals.
In late antiquity, the Homeromanteion was used as a divinatory text, including 216 verses that could be consulted on various matters, (30) while Derek Collins (2008a, 211) comments that, with a concentration in the first four centuries CE, "The use of Homeric verses for magical as compared with divinatory or other ends is attested in papyri from Egypt, Second Sophistic literary sources, medical, veterinary, and agricultural handbooks, and in inscriptions [i.
Ayahuasca is a brew made from the banisteriopsis caapi vine, known for its divinatory, hallucinogenic effects and is traditionally consumed by Amazonian Peruvians.
Later in the same essay the poet-philosopher--himself credited with prodigious magical, curative and divinatory powers--employs the stunning image of a lotus, whose sympathy for the sun causes it to, as it were, open its mouth and sing the sun's praises as it follows that orb through the sky (103).
Indeed, just how the incommensurable ontologies of divinatory infinition and skeptical representationalism co-occur would be an excellent follow-up project of "ontography.
What's more the latter are not passive givens but are also empowered and localised by being merged with local divinatory practices such as the customary power of dreams to disclose truths.
These are "curing and divinatory activities" such as solitude, fasting, and endurance of pain found in the later, more evolved settled Pueblo culture.
The state showed a willingness to tolerate a range of divinatory practices so long as such practices generally conformed to orthodox views and did not result in mass mobilization.
Word of Joseph Elkington's divinatory powers over water quickly spread, and he was soon in demand, not only from local farmers knee-deep in mud, but "from the gentry too, as they sought to redevelop their estates.
This subjective inhabiting of the author's point of view is related to what Schleiermacher describes as "divination": "The divinatory method is the one in which one, so to speak, transforms oneself into the other person and tries to understand the individual element directly" (Hermeneutics, p.