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a conceptual separation or distinction

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Others ask - where is the dividing line between the two?
BRIDGEND AM Carwyn Jones, widely tipped as a future First Minister, last night told Labour supporters the party needs clear dividing lines from the Conservatives but must do more than hark back to the days of Margaret Thatcher.
While the dividing lines between the first four may be blurred, the last stands clearly apart as a different sort of a role.
There is, therefore, a greatly expanded constituency for Labour's politics and much less interest in the traditional civil war dividing lines.
One of the dividing lines is race, one of the dividing lines is gender, one of the dividing lines is age.
Inspired by Dante's meditations on Paradise, the result is an elemental sampler of robustly drawn lightning bolts, dividing lines, flower heads, bird heads, stairs, stars, circles, humps, explosions, keys, and crosses.
Philipp Harnoncourt has written, "A church cannot define its essence by establishing what it is not, by setting dividing lines.
Police said the SUV went out of control, crossed the center dividing lines into opposing traffic and onto a dirt shoulder.
No, Mr Baldwin, the NEC isn't officially in Birmingham if you want to go scouring the Ordnance Survey maps for those little dotted dividing lines.
Social Security Secretary Alistair Darling said: "This card sets out the dividing lines between us and the Conservative Party during the election.
We make sure we have dividing lines between all three of those.
Court records enable Sidbury to elucidate emergent structures from heart rending cases where disputes and jury verdicts, subtly interpreted, yield great insight into harsh but inconsistent norms operating both between and within the racial groups and across the dividing lines of gender, class, and race.
stand-by-your-man Democrats, dividing lines on Zippergate don't necessarily follow party lines.