dividing line

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a conceptual separation or distinction

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Evans of Clough Lane, Brighouse Her home at Clough Lane, Brighouse, is right on the boundary between the two local authorities, Kirklees and Calderdale, with the dividing line on her original driveway.
During his walk along the dividing line, Pavlopoulos greeted members of the public and had short conversations with some.
All we are asking for is our trees to be replaced on the dividing line between the houses where they have been taken away for kerb drops.
There is no dividing line between "recreational" drink and drugs and the real world.
The new dividing line in British politics is between Gordon Brown trying to spend Britain out of recession and David Cameron, who would cut spending.
Not recognize it as the dividing line for Dodgers and Angels fans.
Earlier, Blair rallied his MPs, telling them: "The most important dividing line is the economy.
The two sides are linked perfectly, but between them is a visible dividing line, a fissure between the "reality" of today and an artistic vision of the past.
The 12-kilometer-long dividing line is physically significant because earthquakes in California cannot rupture the ductile crust lying below 12 km deep.
The petition comes amid fears that the M6, which runs through Great Barr, could be used as a dividing line for new congestion charges.
Rossall said the Westside district was close to reaching an agreement with the Palmdale district on leasing the site, next to Summerwind School, south of the Antelope Valley Mall, and near the 25th Street West dividing line between the two districts.
draws a clear dividing line between these 'traditional' sellers and those who are willing to publicly commit to sell with honesty and integrity to earn buyers' trust.
This wavelength represents a dividing line for detection of the microwave background.
The dividing line between the east and west side of Manhattan, on of the most expensive strips of real estate in the world, sports a rich history.
The museum, located at the former dividing line between slave and free territories on the Ohio River, helps foster global empathy for freedom using exhibits that provide on-the-spot learning and personalization of the freedom experience for each visitor.