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Synonyms for divider

a taxonomist who classifies organisms into many groups on the basis of relatively minor characteristics

a person who separates something into parts or groups

a vertical structure that divides or separates (as a wall divides one room from another)

a drafting instrument resembling a compass that is used for dividing lines into equal segments or for transferring measurements

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In the first phase, reflectors would be pasted outside the city on footpaths, road dividers and electricity poles at Jhang Road, Sargodha Road, Jaranwala Road, Canal Road, Sammundri Road, Dijkot Road and Narwala Road whereas in second phase, reflectors would be pasted in the city areas, he added.
Tenders are invited for Archival Boxes And Box Divider (re-bid)
1 amps outputs and one 1 amp output, a weighted base, and illuminated dividers, was recently featured as part of News Watch Television, a trusted source for technology reviews that airs nationally on the History Channel and the ION Network.
A company representative highlighted the point behind the creation of curtain room dividers as he said, “Our curtain walls not only help our clients save money on construction costs, but also enable them to control noise and climate as well as dust and other airborne contaminants in their work areas.
Baker Perkins is launching an upgraded and extended range of Accurist dough dividers.
No wonder they have demanded immediate removal of these dividers or medians.
The center divider running lengthwise is molded in and the other dividers can be pulled out to form larger compartments.
The survey is supported by a 36% increase in sales of room dividers during the past 12 months.
ROADS and footpaths are being repaired, saplings being planted on a war footing and road dividers are getting fresh coats of paint in Noida these days.
25 by 11 inches, with six partitions and 10 dividers.
Snap-in dividers create up to 12 custom compartments.
Snap-in dividers create up to 12 snug, custom compartments that aid efficient retrieval and eliminate part migration.
Nasdaq: MCRL), an industry leader in analog, high bandwidth communications, and Ethernet IC solutions, today added four new divide by three and divide by five clock dividers to their clock divider product family.
I applaud Caltrans for the lane dividers that it installed on the northbound 405, exiting to the westbound 101.
All of Aries Packaging machines may be completed by numerous integrated or separate peripherals such as accumulators, convergers, dividers, conveyors, mixing systems, and stackers associated with control systems for the complete management of end-of-lines from the fillers' out-feed.