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that part of the earnings of a corporation that is distributed to its shareholders

a number to be divided by another number

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a bonus

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Certain taxpayers in the insurance industry took the position that the (1) portions of prior CRTC [section]24410 that related to commercial domicile and limited the deduction to insurance company dividends paid from California-source income were severable from the statute; and (2) remaining portions of pre-AB 263 CRTC [section]24410 provided for a 100% deduction for dividends received from an 80%-owned insurance company.
Dividends from an insurance company that do not qualify for a deduction under Sec.
In the past, tech companies like Microsoft didn't need to pay dividends because their share prices were like the sun: Every morning, they rose.
USG set an eventual target of 25 percent of net profits plus depreciation to be paid out in dividends and share buybacks.
Lisanti says Fannie Mae (NYSE: FNM) and Abbott Laboratories (NYSE: ABT) are also companies with long histories of rising dividends.
If such an election is not made, or if requests for relief are denied, then the taxpayer may face constructive dividend (or capital) treatment.
Until the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 was passed, a corporation that had satisfied the 45-day standard was entitled to a DRD for all subsequent dividends even if it then held the stock on a fully hedged basis.
The $374 million in dividends declared by State Fund includes a 1993 policy year payment of $304 million, and an additional dividend declaration of $70 million for the 1992 policy year.
Immediate reinstatement of dividends from 2007's prospective earnings may also delay CAIT's ability to invest in promising new business opportunities.
For dividends to qualify for the new repatriation dividends-received deduction (repatriation DRD), they must be invested in the U.
Supreme Court held in the context of Iowa's separate-entity reporting method that inclusion of foreign dividend income, but not domestic dividend income, in Iowa's tax base placed a tax burden on dividends flowing in foreign commerce but not on dividends flowing in domestic commerce.
Observation: Corporations will have less (or no) incentive to earn reorganization boot dividends because-- as extraordinary dividends--the income will give rise to stock basis reductions measured by the DRDs when the dividends are received.
This payment, together with quarterly dividends previously paid by CTC in respect of 1993 Realized Net Income, amounts to a total of Ch$56.
The executive committee of the board of directors of Kansas City Southern (KCS) (NYSE:KSU) today announced the declaration of dividends on three classes of preferred stock as detailed below.
However, many investors in REIT shares do not fully understand that a substantial portion of the dividends paid are nontaxable or considered capital gain (CG).