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an order of payment (such as a check payable to a shareholder) in which a dividend is paid

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For the first time in MEMIC's history, the average dividend check will top $1,000 with the average of $1,040 and ranging to more than $250,000, based upon an employer's paid premium.
Cohen suspected that the corporation customarily retained possession of unclaimed proceeds resulting from uncashed dividend checks and unredeemed bonds (unclaimed assets).
The state of Oregon, SAIF's largest single customer, will receive the biggest dividend check.
The money could be used for dividend checks as well as for state services.
The villagers in Tatitlik, shareholders in Chugach, love the system: It has provided them not only with dividend checks, but a range of other services, the kinds of things you might normally expect to come from government.
What's worse is that Guild members have worked for almost a year now under the old no-raise contract because those who do little more than cash their fat dividend checks want to bust their employees' union in order to make even more profits for themselves.
Another trend is that at family-run companies, women are not just cashing dividend checks, they are running the operations, Guyon said.
Typically, such property involved dormant bank accounts, unrefunded security deposits, uncashed dividend checks, untendered stock shares and outstanding insurance drafts; nowadays, gift certificates, payroll checks, electronic gift cards and customer credits also are included.
Historically, unclaimed property included stock certificates, dividend checks, and bank accounts never claimed by their rightful owner.
If you depend on pension, social security or dividend checks for living expenses, or if any segment of your livelihood depends on the postal service, the USPS cannot guarantee your income in 2000.
3 million in premiums and held a ``participating policy,'' which allowed Lance to receive dividend checks for keeping claims down.
But when the employer is a monstrous multinational corporation, beholden to absentee stockholders who care only about quarterly profits and their dividend checks, the exchange becomes one sided.
But in the months ahead, fat dividend checks may not be enough to justify scooping up shares in these funds.
Inquiries regarding change of address, transfer of shares, lost certificates, and non-receipt of dividend checks or reinvestment statements should be directed to U.
Those quarterly dividend checks will provide little comfort if the company's stock price is heading off a cliff.