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an order of payment (such as a check payable to a shareholder) in which a dividend is paid

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Over lunch, I took out four of the dividend checks and gave one to each of my daughters, asking them to read out the amount, which were fairly small, a few hundreds each but for young children, that's a lot of money.
But each of those options must come at the expense of the dividend checks.
Dividend checks will be mailed to shareholders who hold physical certificates.
They were processing approximately 2,000 manual checks, including Accounts Payable and Dividend Checks and were looking for a company that could streamline, reduce processing time and eliminate the need to manually sign all their checks.
The Pirates (just as every other club in the league) received dividend checks from the lucrative digital rights arm of the league, MLB Advanced Media, receiving checks of $2 million in 2008 and $1.
By the end of November 2009, nearly 92 percent of the dividend checks had been cashed by employers.
Participating law firms recently received dividend checks equal to 24.
Alaskans pay no state sales tax or state income tax, and receive annual dividend checks from an oil wealth savings account called the Permanent Fund, which is politically off limits for general state spending.
Common types of unclaimed property include unredeemed gift certificates, vendor credits, and outstanding checks, such as payroll and dividend checks.
New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance Company, the largest auto car insurance company in the state, announced it is continuing its 90 year record of issuing dividend checks to its policyholders, despite the current "turbulent economic climate.
They pledge to raise our taxes, make government monstrous in size, surrender to the enemy and confiscate oil company profits--the same profits from publicly held companies that fund dividend checks to middle-class Americans.
Buboltz said he invested in the Winthrop plant because he saw it as an attractive hedge: if corn prices fell, the local ethanol plant got more profitable and he would receive fatter dividend checks.
These contracting advantages provide the natives with some modest benefits, mostly in the form of annual dividend checks.
He still makes $1 in salary every year and no bonus or stock options, but his 22% stock ownership translated into dividend checks worth $37 million last year.
The nine shareholder in independent publisher Profile have received their first ever dividend checks thanks mainly to the success of one book.