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an order of payment (such as a check payable to a shareholder) in which a dividend is paid

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30, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Workers' compensation insurer The MEMIC Group announced today (Tuesday, September 30) that policyholders of its Maine-based company, Maine Employers' Mutual Insurance Company (MEMIC), will receive dividend checks totaling more than $18 million this November, a record amount for the company.
Alaskans pay no state sales tax or state income tax, and receive annual dividend checks from an oil wealth savings account called the Permanent Fund, which is politically off limits for general state spending.
The full impact of these cuts will be felt this quarter, when the dividend check is sent in the mail.
THE LARGEST DIVIDEND check given to any housing authority in the country--a record-setting $541,662--has been presented to the Philadelphia Housing Authority (PHA) by the Housing Authority Insurance Group (HAIG).
He also suggests that when corporations pay to pollute, the money is sent to each American as an annual dividend check One person equals one share in the commons.
While companies can fake sales and profits, a dividend check typically indicates the company's stated profits are real.
He received two unexpected refunds for $114 and $500; his wife got a $400 dividend check.
An uncashed payroll or dividend check is a common type of unclaimed property.
It's time to let investors and shareholders in on the everyday dealings of the business, as opposed to simply looking for a dividend check at the end of the year.
This means that investors will not receive a quarterly dividend check for the first time since 1937.
A man who earns $50,000 a year pays income tax, gets married, pays the marriage penalty, invests in a company, draws a dividend check for his risk and pays a dividend tax, pays capital gains when he cashes out to pay his kids' college tuition, and then leaves what's left to his family when he dies and pays 40 percent in estate tax.
Typically, the dormancy period for shares of stock that pay a dividend begins at the date of issuance of the first dividend check.
Otsego County was thrilled to receive their dividend check in 2013," said Otsego County Human Resources Director Trisha Adam.
The state of Oregon, SAIF's largest single customer, will receive the biggest dividend check.
PayCheck Accept protects businesses from payroll, government, insurance, rebate and dividend check cashing fraud while Enhanced Warranty (Personal & Commercial Checks) enables businesses to accept checks for goods or services from the U.