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that part of the earnings of a corporation that is distributed to its shareholders

a number to be divided by another number

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a bonus

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5) Once the market's initial appetite for ARPs was stated, (6) ARPs were replaced by "Convertible Adjustable Preferred" Stock (CAP), (7) whose dividend rate was set at a level where it would trade as close to par as possible.
However, AB 263 also establishes very complex rules and formulas as to the amount of the dividends qualifying for the DRD; disallows for the future certain deductions for expenses paid by a corporation to an insurance company affiliate; limits the nonrecognition rules on reorganizations and transfers of assets to insurance companies; and grants the FTB authority to include a portion of an insurance company's E&P in its shareholders' income as a "deemed dividend.
Therefore, taxpayers will be allowed to take a 100 percent dividend deduction for dividends received from noninsurance corporations subject to the ownership requirements of Sec.
In the past, tech companies like Microsoft didn't need to pay dividends because their share prices were like the sun: Every morning, they rose.
Until 1988, the Chicago-based building materials company had paid a dividend for many years.
NYSE: DIS), you'd receive an annual dividend of 63 cents a share or a total of $63.
If such an election is not made, or if requests for relief are denied, then the taxpayer may face constructive dividend (or capital) treatment.
The existence of the DRD led to the practice of"dividend stripping," whereby a corporation would (1) purchase stock in another corporation, (2) receive a dividend and claim a DRD and (3) promptly sell the stock and sustain a capital loss on the sale, measured by the amount of the dividend (assuming there were no other price fluctuations).
The $374 million in dividends declared by State Fund includes a 1993 policy year payment of $304 million, and an additional dividend declaration of $70 million for the 1992 policy year.
Cannibalizing shareholder's equity to maintain a dividend, without earnings, is not a sustainable business strategy.
The dividend cannot be financed by related-party loans.
Federal taxable income includes dividend income received from foreign corporations but not dividend income received from domestic corporations.
Under section 356(a)(2) and revenue ruling 93-61, this gain is characterized as a dividend (to the extent the company has accumulated earnings and profits) if the exchange is considered a dividend.
NYSE: CTC) announced that it would propose at the Company's Annual Shareholders' Meeting to be held in Santiago, on April 22, 1994 the payment of a final dividend in respect of 1993 Realized Net Income of Ch$12.
CHICAGO -- In preparation for the potential closing of the merger of Peoples Energy Corporation (NSYE:PGL) with WPS Resources Corporation prior to the next Peoples Energy common stock dividend record date, and in accordance with the merger agreement, the Board of Directors of Peoples Energy today declared a special pro rata dividend to ensure that its shareholders continue to receive their dividend at the current rate until the closing of the merger.