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that part of the earnings of a corporation that is distributed to its shareholders

a number to be divided by another number

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a bonus

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All you have to do is buy, buy, buy, and keep on buying to the last stroke, when the directors declare the double dividend.
Now about that double dividend on the eighteenth-" John Dowsett drew a slip of paper from his note-book and adjusted his glasses.
And on the eighteenth, when that dividend was declared, he chuckled at the confusion that would inevitably descend upon the men with the sharpened shears waiting to trim him--him, Burning Daylight.
And thereupon he entered into a long technical and historical explanation of the earnings and dividends of Ward Valley from the day of its organization.
I'll stop in the old place, and I'll serve under Wakem, and I'll serve him like an honest man; there's no Tulliver but what's honest, mind that, Tom,"--here his voice rose,--"they'll have it to throw up against me as I paid a dividend, but it wasn't my fault; it was because there's raskills in the world.
Consider what we have done to get our rents in Ireland and Scotland, and our dividends in Egypt, if you have already forgotten my photographs and their lesson in our atrocities at home.
1368-1 (f) (3) provides that the amount of the distribution taken into account under the deemed dividend election is limited to the corporation's C AE&P, less any amounts actually distributed to the shareholders for the tax year in question.
NYSE: RA) announced today that the Company's board of directors has declared a quarterly cash dividend on the Company's common stock of $0.
Dividends: Rate on direct investment dividends remains 5%; however, such rate will now be available when the beneficial owner is a company that owns 10% of the voting stock of the company paying the dividend and the payer is not a RIC, REIT or French SICAV.
The following overview sets out the number of Dividend Shares allocated to the primary insiders in the Dividend Issue for the first quarter 2016:
12, 1989, the board declared a dividend on the ESOP's stock of over $11 million.
24402(a)--which provides for a dividend-received deduction to the extent that the dividend payor was subject to California corporate income or franchise tax--is unconstitutional because the dividend-received deduction discriminated against interstate commerce, which violates the U.
Redmond announced that shareholders of record February 21 will receive a dividend of--hold on to your hat--eight cents per share on March 7.
But, in reality, many corporations continue to consider the dividend to be an essential component of shareholder return.
Stock splits, buybacks and dividend increases all send a message to the market, one that is often good to heed.