divided highway

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a highway divided down the middle by a barrier that separates traffic going in different directions

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As volume on the divided highway increases, the travel time penalty is likely to decline, and the safety benefit is likely to increase.
85 acres with 283 feet of road frontage on heavily traveled 4 lane divided highway to Buyer or Buyer can purchase real estate for $1,400,000
9 billion since 2011, an amount equal to the cost of 11,000 kilometers of divided highway, the building of which has been a key part of the ruling Justice and Development Party's (AK Party) election campaigns since 2003
I see this every day, coming to and from work, on a somewhat busy four-lane divided highway where the speed limit is posted at 70 mph and traffic is referred to as the "Minot 500.
ws/1GUmWVc) where a car carrying three off-duty New Jersey police officers driving the wrong way on a divided highway hit a truck;
The highway is being upgraded and expanded as part of the Federal and State Government's plan to complete this link to a four-lane divided highway.
The original pre-dawn collision about 25 miles southeast of Fresno was initially reported on the northbound side of the divided highway, Paris said.
It also summarizes the results of several crash analyses for intersections converted from conventional designs to RCUT designs along two four-lane divided highway corridors in Maryland.
As the bridge is built, also build a new four-lane divided highway on the Mat-Su side to create access for the thousands of daily drivers using the Glenn Highway every day.
The four-lane divided highway will eventually connect to Walnut Ridge, said Arkansas State Highway & Transportation Department spokesman Glenn Bolick.
Imagine taking a piece of 36-inch steel casing and having to shove it 400 feet through the ground under a divided highway at a 0.
Orazietti said last fall his "vision for the North" is a modernized Trans-Canada Highway, with additional passing lanes, paved shoulders, rumble strips, rest stops, and ultimately a four-lane divided highway.
A road improvement project that created a divided highway and left property owners with only one direction for access to their property did not entitle those owners to compensation for diminution of value to the remaining property, according to the Court of Appeals of North Carolina.
The Walker is located on the east edge of its site along Hennepin Avenue, a busy eight-lane divided highway that defines the principal public face of the building.
Stuart Davis, a life long resident of East Brunswick, realized that the two-acre parcel, located at a traffic light on a corner of the divided highway, was the perfect site.