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Synonyms for divided

separated into parts or pieces

having a median strip or island between lanes of traffic moving in opposite directions


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distributed in portions (often equal) on the basis of a plan or purpose

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If, in addition to the consideration of a plurality of civil lists, we take into view the number of persons who must necessarily be employed to guard the inland communication between the different confederacies against illicit trade, and who in time will infallibly spring up out of the necessities of revenue; and if we also take into view the military establishments which it has been shown would unavoidably result from the jealousies and conflicts of the several nations into which the States would be divided, we shall clearly discover that a separation would be not less injurious to the economy, than to the tranquillity, commerce, revenue, and liberty of every part.
In spite of the village elder's assertions about the compressibility of hay, and its having settled down in the stacks, and his swearing that everything had been done in the fear of God, Levin stuck to his point that the hay had been divided without his orders, and that, therefore, he would not accept that hay as fifty loads to a stack.
However, early Egyptian financial assistance and the seemingly successful resolution of Nile waters disputes actually divided the regions, while later concerted efforts to promote commerce and acquire Sudanese lands failed dismally.
Many perennials, including delphiniums, heuchera, hostas, anemones, phlox and cranesbill geraniums, benefit from regular division to maintain their vigour, and require no special conditions when divided sections are replanted.
Grasses including bamboos should be divided in early spring, while perennials which flower in spring and early summer, such as lily-of-the-valley, epimediums and rhizomatous bearded irises, should be divided as soon as they have finished flowering.
If in the past the Sahara divided us, now it unites us.
A NEW policy to bolster prizemoney when races are divided is to be introduced next month in a bid to prevent a repeat of the episode at Tipperary on Tuesday when the prize fund for a race was reduced by 30 per cent, writes Brian Fleming.
TWELVE students from Belfast have been given the job of reuniting Europe's last divided city.
2 : the way things are given out or delivered to or divided among <an unfair distribution of work>
Other more vigorous plants, such as asters, are best divided annually.
Some plants, such as peonies and red hot pokers (Kniphofia), hate having their roots disturbed and should only be divided for propagation, unless they are very old and congested.
check amount based on tip--Money amount of tip divided by percent of tip
73 percent annually during periods of divided government.
When the researchers performed the same experiment with cells taken from 2-week-old mice, they found that only about 2 percent of the supporting cells divided.
This is where the heart divided comes in: and it is really Jack who is most divided.