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can be divided usually without leaving a remainder

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The buildings are zoned to house a large dividable multipurpose room, a pair of youth activity rooms, a senior center and multi-use small child, art, dance and computer rooms.
And finally, the matter of naan bread, that wonderfully doughy easily dividable extra for those who require "bulk" with their meals: I favour the garlic or fruited variety which provide an extra tang.
exhibition hall dividable into three individual exposition spaces, as well as a 39,500 sq.
Dividable theaters and training rooms hold as many as 300 people and contain state-of-the-art projectors and networks, including ultra-large LED displays, plasma screens, LED signage, built-in video conferencing, high-resolution LCD projectors and plasma screens.
The hotel features a dividable ballroom that can seat up to 300 people for meetings.
When it's finished in early 2005, the center will have a new dividable 50,000-square-foot multipurpose convention hall.
25m working area dividable into 2 or 4 separate zones, with up to 500 separate stored programs and a one-second drilling cycle.
OSDrC[R] technology can produce pulsatile tablets, bi-layer tablets, multi-core tablets, dividable tablets, delayed release tablets, and direct compression orally dissolving tablets with better quality and release control design than standard tableting technologies.
The acreage is ripe for development, with potential for a housing site with a state-of-the-art equestrian riding stable - or, sectioned into two parts: 17+ acres zoned residential/agricultural, ideal for an estate, and nearly 5 acres, potentially sub dividable into single-family home sites.
The owners have since completely refurbished the building at 1, Victory Way to offer contemporary, high quality , sub dividable workspace for large or smaller companies looking to expand.
A second prefabricated building will have all-purpose, dividable turf sporting fields, volleyball, and basketball.