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Synonyms for divestiture

the condition of being deprived of what one once had or ought to have

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an order to an offending party to rid itself of property

the sale by a company of a product line or a subsidiary or a division

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This study attempts to address this issue by determining company attributes as well as use of divestiture proceeds and their association with subsequent improvement (termed as 'success') or deterioration (denoted as 'failure') divesting companies.
If done properly, divestiture also allows the firm terminating the relationship to be paid for its past investment in building the relationship.
On consummation of the proposed merger and divestiture, four of the seven commercial banking organizations that would compete with BB&T each would control more than 10 percent of market deposits, including a competitor that would control more than 21 percent of market deposits and a large multistate bank holding company that would control more than 11 percent of market deposits.
Some 78 percent of the survey participants cited the straight sale as the most popular and effective divestiture strategy.
In chapter 2, the authors present a methodology for evaluating the effect of divestiture of public sector enterprises which is applicable to a variety of settings.
The additional losses are a result of further review of the preliminary December results of operations and additional costs associated with the divestitures of Xcelecom in December.
The Department of Justice has advised the Board that, in light of the proposed divestiture, consummation of the proposal likely would not have a significantly adverse effect on competition in any relevant banking market.
With annual sales between $3 billion and $4 billion, that would be the largest divestiture ever required to win antitrust clearance for an acquisition, senior government officials have conceded.
AT&T played a part in this study because we have obviously experienced major changes in finance since divestiture.
2007 production volumes are expected to be between 189 million and 201 million BOE, or between 177 million and 188 million BOE excluding properties targeted for divestiture, which are projected to be included in results for part of 2007;
The proposed divestiture to an out-of-market commercial banking organization would provide another market entrant.
54 billion divestiture was more than twice what Wells Fargo expected regulators to require.
Divestiture Furthers Focus on Core Business Development
Magnetek will use proceeds from the divestiture of PEG in part to pay down debt and to make a large enough cash contribution to the Company's pension trust to substantially lower the amount of expected future contributions.
have held discussions relating to the proposed divestiture by GrafTech of its cathodes assets (including its equity in Carbone Savoie and certain manufacturing assets) to Alcan France, for approximately $130 to $140 million plus assumption of certain related liabilities.