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a musical composition in several movements

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Elle mise sur la production nationale et sur les emissions de divertissement, empreintes d'humour pour seduire et fideliser son audience, surtout a l'heure du ftour.
Moderner Fragmentarismus und Holderlins anderes Bewusstsein von der Bedeutung des Unvollendeten" by Bettina Faber (85-130); "Frammentazione scenica e discorsiva nel teatro di John Weber: una modalita dell'incompiuto nell'ambito della crisi giacomiana" by Eloisa Paganelli (131-54); "Dal divertissement forain all'ambigu-comique: l'arte di frantumare e di combinare" by Paola Martinuzzi (155-65); "Su Manshu: la modernita incompiuta o l'incompiutezza del moderno?
In its Eugene program, the nonet will perform works by Eastern European giants and two Czech composers: Dance Preludes by Witold Lutoslawski; Quartet for Oboe, Violin and Piano by Bohuslav Martinu; Variations for Nonet by Geraldina Mucha; Concertino by Leos Janacek; and Divertissement by Albert Roussel.
With a CD as interesting as the "first complete recording" of Divertissement pour trois cors de bassett by Jiri Druzecky (1745-1819) the listener naturally reaches first for the booklet.
Hailed for fusing ethnic music and folk songs with Western influences, she produced prize-winning Toccata for Percussions and Winds, Divertissement and Concertante, Filiasiana, Philippine Mass, De Profundis, and East Meets Jazz Ethnika.
Show business newspaper Daily Variety called 'Vicky Cristina' "a sexy, funny divertissement that passes as enjoyably as an idle sunny afternoon in the titular Spanish city" and added the film "is by several degrees more hot-blooded than his (Allen's) usual norm.
Franz falls in love with Coppelia, whom he thinks is alive, but finally recognises that she is just a doll and returns to Swanhilda, after which the sparkling grand divertissement sees everyone reconciled.
Though the painstakingly rebuilt Globe may strike an uncomfortably Disney-esque chord, the conversion of Giles Gilbert Scott's looming power station into an ascetic repository for modern art demonstrates both the surprising lure of high culture as a metropolitan divertissement and, equally importantly, the fascination of the physical--the building's heroic scale, the see-and-be-seen promenading spaces and the stimulating panoramas of the city.
A CD, Divertissement a la Francaise, with Egan Records, will be released next month.
It is a lark, a divertissement, loosely based on Moliere and the product of much cutting and reworking.
My sweet divertissement Candarela has left me for another rising star--a new minister.
Obviously, the idea could have been a good cue for a pleasant divertissement.
Because John Wesley, when he wants to be, is really sexy--as sexy as a Tijuana Bible or a Boucher divertissement.
Since then, the perception of the court dramas as mere royal divertissement and insubstantial extravaganza has been gradually corrected by the studies of Sebastian Neumeister, Mythos und Reprasentation (1978), Robert terHorst, Calderon: The Secular Plays (1982), and Thomas A.