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Synonyms for divertingly

in an entertaining and amusing manner


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Geopolitical tensions simmer at the outermost edges of Dangerous Liaisons, which mostly unfolds as a divertingly lush tear-stained melodrama.
LEE Mack's sitcom Not Going Out (BBC1, Thursday) will never win awards for being cutting edge and fashionable but - as Miranda also proves - there's always a place for divertingly daft comedies packed with one-liners.
Some of it is divertingly jocular and makes its mark by the "send-up," capturing ironies and apparent hypocrisy in the most solemn forms of observance.
This engaging magic comedy is divertingly enjoyable and Mitchell and Webb are a good-natured and funny pairing.
His divertingly footnoted "glossary of the missing" ranges the alphabet to disclose what's no longer there--nursery rhymes, close harmony, mad dogs, Brylcreem, phrases, species, civilizations.