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presence of multiple diverticula in the walls of the colon

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Most people who have diverticulosis are unaware of the problem because it typically causes no symptoms--they only find out they have diverticula during a routine colonoscopy.
In elderly patients, the most frequent causes of GIS bleeding are diverticulosis and angiodysplasia, and diagnosis for both is generally made by colonoscopy.
Abdominal computed tomography (CT) is a sensitive imaging modality for detecting sigmoid diverticulosis in older patients with acute pain admitted to an emergency department (3).
Italian consensus conference for colonic diverticulosis and diverticular disease.
Se excluyeron aquellos pacientes con enfermedad cardiopulmonar severa, los que fueron tratados previamente por acalasia, pseudoacalasia, mega esofago, cirugia gastrica o diverticulosis esofagica distal.
The etiology of diverticulosis is believed to develop as a result of abnormalities in peristalsis, intestinal dyskinesis probably due to motor dysfunction of the smooth muscle or myenteric plexus in the small bowel leading to high segmental intraluminal pressures and penetration of mucosa and submucosa through weak mesenteric sites.
Once you've reached age 65, there's a more than 50 percent chance you have diverticulosis, the development of small pockets, or diverticula, in the muscular layers of the colon.
At the time of surgery, the patient was likely suffering from diverticulosis, a long-term condition that can lead to a leak in the large colon.
Colonic diverticulosis in Hong Kong: Distribution pattern and clinical significance.
The hallmark of MKS, also known under alternative names (tracheal diverticulosis, tracheobronchiectasis, tracheocele, tracheomalacia, and tracheobronchopathia malacia), [9, 14-17] is dilatation of trachea and central bronchi with normal diameter of peripheral airways.
Tracheal diverticulosis due to protrusion of remnants of the musculomembranous tissue in between the cartilage rings can cause a corrugated or scalloped appearance of trachea as seen in our case.
garvieae, cardiovascular comorbidities, immunosuppression, and colonic diverticulosis seemed to play a key role in the L.
Diverticulosis is a common condition among older adults.
Pathology examination revealed a segment of colon with perforated diverticulosis and a tubo-ovarian complex with bacterial colonies demonstrating filamentous, Gram-positive organism in the granules suggestive of actinomycosis (sulfur granules, Figures 1B and 1C).
3%) cases of small intestinal diverticulosis, telangiectasia, and simple small intestine congestion and oedema.