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inflammation of a diverticulum in the digestive tract (especially the colon)

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This patient presented with iron deficiency anaemia, but Meckel's diverticulitis can often simulate acute appendicitis.
1) Although usually an innocuous anomaly, complications (including diverticulitis, haemorrhage and obstruction) bring up to 4% (2) of these patients to accident and emergency centres (A&E centres) world-wide.
Las complicaciones de la diverticulitis aguda se presentan en 15 a 30% del total de las personas que la padecen [7].
In the symptomatic group, 25% will present with haemorrhage and 75% with diverticulitis which may be uncomplicated (75%) or complicated (25%).
Las personas que sufren diverticulitis pueden reducir las complicaciones si mantienen la regularidad del movimiento intestinal y evitan el estrenimiento.
In this first study of its kind, researchers with the Health Professionals Follow-up Study investigated whether consumption of the suspected offending foods were indeed linked with diverticulitis and bleeding.
When these pouches become infected and inflamed, doctors call it diverticulitis ("itis" means inflammation).
Diverticulitis is a relatively common condition in older patients and must consistently be considered in the differential diagnosis of women with acute abdominal pain--particularly left-sided pain.
He was hospitalized for several days last April after having symptoms similar to those he had a year earlier, when he had to spend time in the hospital with diverticulitis, an inflammation of pockets in the colon.
Nearly a year ago, Wooden made a full recovery after being hospitalized for diverticulitis.
AILING Cuban leader Fidel Castro is in a "very grave" condition after three failed operations and complications from an intestinal infection known as diverticulitis, a Spanish newspaper claimed today.
Si se inflaman o infectan, dan lugar a una enfermedad llamada diverticulitis.
Associated healthful benefits of increased fiber consumption include a reduced risk of some types of cancer (including breast cancer) and coronary heart disease, the regulation of blood glucose and insulin, lowering the concentration of blood lipids, a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, controlling diabetes and alleviating constipation, hemorrhoids and diverticulitis.
I have clients with IBS and diverticulitis who say they have learned more from me in 10 minutes that after going to see a consultant for years," she added.